Starting to See Why Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez So Frightens Conservatives

I admit that in several threads I have suggested that AOC is a relatively junior person who is being blown out of proportion by conservatives looking for a new villain. Yesterday I started to think I might be wrong. There is some substance there.

This op-ed in today’s New York Times reinforced my assessment while watching AOC question Cohen yesterday. While most people on both sides of the aisle played to the gallery, she focused a series of questions on Cohen, building each question on the previous answer and getting on the record exactly who needs to be questioned to follow up on several of the financial crimes Cohen alleged Donald Trump had committed.

By not spending half here time making a speech about how awful the hearing was, and by asking clearly focused questions that did not require she cut off the answer to give herself more time, Ocasio-Cortez.

I kept thinking afterwards how if everyone, on both sides of the aisle had displayed the focus and discipline that she did that would have been one heck of hearing.


I think that what she did was pretty smart.

Sticking to the financial shenanigans of Trump Inc is the winner in this issue.

Couldn’t agree more with this assessment.

She laid the groundwork for going after Trump’s tax and financials, including local property taxes.

She got the names of who should be asked the embarrassing followup questions and laid the groundwork for them to testify.

She laid the groundwork for further investigate the claims in the NYT that the Trump family vastly undervalued properties in the Trump senior estate to cheat the tax man and got the name of the person that would have information relevant to that.

I had serious questions about her early on. I figured conservatives elevated her to stardom status because they really, really, really needed someone to mock

I’ve since come to believe that they are mortally terrified of her. She plays their game better than she does.

And yesterday, she kicked ■■■■■■■ ass. Not Cohen’s ass. Not the asses of the Trumpists on the committee.

She kicked Donald Trump’s ass. To his face.

Yes, the other side of riducle and anger is fear. Conservatives fear of her is warranted. She showed that yesterday.


We saw the same cleverness when she has that long inquiry into how “if she was a bad guy” how she could do all sorts of stuff with lobbyists and money in Congress and it would all be totally legal. She got that all in the Congressional Record.


They are probably very very happy she’s not 35 years old. If she keeps on going and doesn’t step in it, when she hits 35…watch out.

She was absolutely brilliant in her five minutes. She honed in on the target and didn’t let up. Compared to some of the R’s who did nothing but tear at Cohen she sounded intelligent as opposed to weak.

To paraphrase some posters here:

She’s an idiot
She’s stupid
She’s bug eyed
She has horse teeth

To be serious, she did a great job during the hearing. I was really impressed that she approached Cohen to bring to the light Trump’s tax returns and how Congress should be reviewing them.

The flaccid GOP is literally ■■■■■■■■ their pants over AOC.

I guess this thing called CPAC is happening at the moment. It’s where a bunch of Trumpist losers are gathering and pretending to be “conservative”. They have grifters like Cubic Zirconia and Canvas as guest speakers - really hard-hitting policy debate happening there. :laughing:

Anyway, I guess they have been showing a LOT of video of AOC. The old codgers just can’t get enough of that hottie.

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Was the NRA video in English? Or Russian?


Butina is the narrator.

They really are scared. You can smell their fear.

I wonder if AOC is threatening to sue the schools she went to over whether they will release her grades?


Some Republicans can use a few misstatements in interviews against her if they want, but she has repeatedly shown herself to be an effective, intelligent communicator for whom the sky is the limit. She doesn’t need to make speeches in these hearings to try to make a name for herself. She does so with pointed questions that cut to the heart of the important issues.

Iranian since Oliver North is good friends with them.

Ya but did you hear…she ordered a hamburger

Front page on Fox News. The fear is real.



Woman should know their place…

And she drives by Trumps Links everday going between the bronx and queens.

Might I suggest that in this instance, a woman’s place is in the House.