Starting to See Why Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez So Frightens Conservatives


again i an not impressed with Cortez as you are just because she asked questions.

what “others” say or ask and how in comparison is of no interest to me. nor does it matter.


oh great. well i give you credit for having the courage to visit and read her website.

but remember - the left loves freedom of speech as long as it is THEIR speech. otherwise it is hate speech


Four of the five top stories right now at are AOC stories.

Did you know her mom left NYC because of property taxes?

That’s one of ‘em.


In other words, you want to make ad hominem arguments that you are either unable or unwilling to support. Why should anyone give credence to your opinions then?


i supported my argument

thank you


cnn currently has two top stories of AOC with pictures

lemme guess. it’s because hannity keeps mentioning her?


Actually that’s not bad location, right off of I-80. Lord know Youngstown area could use the boost.


I see everyone is still #NOTOBSESSED

I think Fox has had like three separate headlines on her this morning alone?


Four, at the moment.

They’ve been rotating stock, too. I see the one about her mom moving because of property taxes is no longer headline fodder, but the one about somebody putting up an anti-AOC billboard is there.


Exactly…and you really can reach anywhere in america within hours. Amazon would be looked at as heroes who saved the midwest kinda…




Looks like this young lady is going to live rent free in trump supporters’ heads for a while.

Falwell Jr. is so Christian like.


Looks like AOC might be in some hot water. Article says boyfriend has his hands in the cookie jar.


Hmmm… I went there too. Saw nothing of the kind. Link?


I know what she wants, but I can’t find the part about banning fossil fuels with no replacement. Maybe you could point it out to me


Falwell Jr. sounds like ■■■■■■■ Ted Nugent.


Also Donald Trump Jr is making fun of rape victims in that same video.


Under gun control / assault weapons ban on her issues page. Wants to ban the firearm industry from being able to lobby Congress at all. I’m cool with that. Can I ban immigration groups, or environmental groups or any other group I don’t like in return?


This is what I read:

While the plan doesn’t explicitly call for a ban on fossil fuels, as some early backers had hoped, Ocasio-Cortez’s office has made it clear that the plan doesn’t leave a path forward for the fuel source

Doesn’t leave a path forward after 10 years. Got an airplane replacement that’s viable in 10 years?


I can only imagine, had the Internet been around back then, the horrified cries that people are proposing to get rid of horses and buggies. How would there ever be transportation without horse drawn carriages!!!

When did conservatism morph into opposition to innovation? Isn’t innovation one of the engines of capitalism?