Staged Chemical Attack in Idlib today


It’s been very effective as a Fox News talking point, that’s for sure.


Because one is a war crime, and the other isn’t.



Um…Trump believes the attacks were real.

So according to you…he’s in on it.


Huh?..It’s not a talking point it’s well documented… DNC paid 11 million to them…


but we sit by and watch genocide happen in real time, so standing up to the horrors of the world is kinda our thing now.


Libs thought Russia great until this

And after that…libs found an international enemy. They want those children.


That’s kind of ridiculous if that’s the case. Over 100,000 people have died by conventional arms. I am guessing less than 200 to gas attacks. Oh well.


UN is still useless… But they serve a nice lunch.


Iv never like Russia they have always been the political enemy of the western world.


And? What effects are you talking about other than fodder for Fox and Friends?


I’ll be unpopular for this but I agree

Death is death whether by bombs or gas.


It’s caused completer turmoil since the election with the help of the media, dems and parts of the DOJ. The same parts that didn’t prosecute the uranium queen…


The dossier is not even remotely the cause of the turmoil since the election. Trump and Republicans run the DOJ now. I’m sure indictments for the right’s latest Hillary conspiracy theory will be made public any day now…


And our allies. And what a business would call a good competitor. And the source of much western literature, art, and science. And a model of strength in the face of adversity.


GOf course the COUP waged by EU backers began in 2013 protesting Yakunovich who had decided to take a deal with Russia.

Which side are the “rebels?”

That was before the Malaysian Airplane was shot down. So WHY is there a rush to support the unelected, globalist EU elite?


Since when did the Ukraine parliament become unelected?


It’s not a conspiracy theory, the dossier is opposition research the Hillary camp paid Steele for and he used Russian sources. And we all know nothing happens in Russia without Putin approval.

So, Hillary bought dirt from Putin that’s being used to undermine our president. Dems are helping him still…


The uranium nonsense is the conspiracy theory I was referring to.


I said nothing about the Ukrainian Parliment. I said, unelected globalist EU elite


The Shadow deep state :laughing: