Staged Chemical Attack in Idlib today

We cannot allow the deep state to screw Trump with this staged FalseFlag attack. they are going to saddle him with WW3

Oh look- a newbie with a Russia-supporting post.


Anyone who has seen the footage of the last gassing is going to have more than just doubts about it.

Ish and other Trumpist will be here to support the Russia propaganda OP in 3…2…1…

The first reply you received, is suggesting you are Russian or a Russian Agent.

I’d like to know the provenance of those videos showing the staging of the last event.

This video looks worse everytime I watch it.

This leftist Russiaphobia, has no rhyme or reason to it.

Their argument is smears of Putin and a pretense of knowledge which they never actually share or validate. It’s just talking point propaganda.

You do love your ■■■■■■■ crazy conspiracies, don’t you?

Have some yummy pizza.

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You aren’t being congruent, you just proved my point.

Assad is a good guy! he would never use chemical weapon…

This is exactly why, Alex Jones is taken off big tech a few days ago, in preparation for a fake event to justify war.

Russia is not our friend. They are working against US interests around the world. Democrats know this, and Republicans know this. It seems only Trump and his ardent followers refuse to acknowledge it.

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Justify the war that started four years ago?

Op has sourced 1 conspiracy theory website and 3 Russian news sources.

Yeah, I’m not buying any of it.

Prove it. Enough talking points professing knowledge. At what point do Trump haters realize that the history of the deepstate and their evil actions have been here for many years?

You are pushing propaganda. Prove it.

They are funding terrorist that are in a war with American allies, and direct threat to American service members on the ground.

Yes… When Romney told that to Obama he laughed at him. So, did the left and media…

Which set of terrorists is that? The country of Syria?

Russia and Syria have been fighting ISIS.

So has the USA.

Who is funding who?

Ukraine the terrorist that shoot down a commercial airplane.

Yes, Obama was as wrong then as Trump is now.