Staged Chemical Attack in Idlib today

If Trump has to bomb them again, I doubt it will lead to ww3…

Trump killed about 300 Russians just last year in one strike…

“Ukraine” terrorists?

“Trump killed” :joy: Yeah, just like Obama killed bin Laden.

Yes I would call murdering civilian terrorism.

In your mind, anything I said would prove your point.

I know the region. I have friends in the region.

Your track record of what to believe sucks.

That’s enough for me.

did that airplane with 200 + people on it just magically fall out of the sky?


Just Trump hate gets tiresome.

its already been proven Russia is funding Terrorist in Ukraine that have are at war with American allies and American Troops.

Proven by who? Where? So we are at war with Ukrainian terrorists? Prove that.

Totally. I mean, who knew that the GOP would sell their country out to Russia.

I could post plenty of evidence of Russia’s ill intentions, as others have, but debating you is beyond pointless.

Ol’ Flexible and the Uraniun queen… The proof is my avatar. …

You’re a Romney fan now?!?

Debate? You aren’t proving anything, but that you are programmed to repeat antiTrump propaganda, created by globalists who are trying to do a coup on America.

Whether, I’m a fan or not makes no difference on that subject…

yes… the Steele dossier came from them, and look at it’s effects on America.

Thanks for proving my point. Alex Jones fans can’t be reasoned with, as I learned long ago.

I still haven’t grasped at why it’s ok to blow people up by the thousands with bombs and bullets, but if chlorine or some other gas is used to kill we must get involved.

In an odd way the rebels must be begging to get gassed.