Staged Chemical Attack in Idlib today



How is that nonsense? You were told it was?


Imagine Eric Trump instead of Hillary had let Putin the get rights to 20% of our uranium during Trump’s admin…


Canned response. As if…?


If it’s not, I’m sure the Trump admin. will get right to the bottom of it. Right?


Yeah, it would be the left crying about it instead of the right, and you’d be defending it.


I can’t reason with someone who believes in a shadowy evil enemy they can’t name or put a face on.


At this point what would Assad have to gain by lainching a chemical attack upon Idlib? Or better put who would have more to gain if there was a gas attack in Idlib, the regime or the rebels? Obviously the rebels since Assad is already winning the war in Syria.

I would be highly skeptical of any gas attack supposedly launched by the Syrian government in Idlib, they have nothing to gain with such an attack but much to lose.

And while I agree with people that Assad is a cruel terrible dictator, I don’t think he is mentally retarded enough to launch a gas attack only to have a barrage of tomahawk missiles launched upon his forces.


Does this site condone posting actual Russian propaganda on it? It’s not even like a Facebook fake news propagation of a story. It’s literal state controlled Russian media coordinating a message.


He’s done it twice and our counterattacks are nothing but pinpricks because we need to warn Russia so they can get their real assets out of the area.


Not a single posts on this thread proves any of the Russia hate charges.

Regarding the Airliner shot down, Russia denies they had anything to do with it. Regarding the “200-300” Russians killed, Russia said 5 died and whoever those who died were, they weren’t from Russia.

In each case, Russia asks for impartial panels to prove these accusations. That never happens.

Give me ANY reason to trust what Globalists, EU elite say, as opposed to believing Russia. Are we supposed to believe the CIA?


what does Myanmar gain by mass murdering Muslims?


What is trump guilty of that has caused him to be investigated and so much talk of inpeachment?
Please be specific… no shadowy evil faceless enemies, please.


Where have I said Trump should be impeached?


a international impartial panel found Russia at fault for the airliner attack.


Are you not free to ignore it? Or do you need someone to take you by the hand and say “you may read this but you may not read that”. Libs… their greatest threat is a free and open exchange of ideas.


Reflexive defense of Putin’s side again…


Man… if you can’t debate, why come here?


I can debate all day, for once Iv been debating how Russia isn’t our Friend most notablely their funding of Terrorists who are direct in conflict with CAN/US forces.


So says very unreliable sources.

We DO know EU and globalists want Ukraine. This is their prize they don’t want stolen from them, despite the internal reality of Ukraine and the many who desired Russia affiliation.

And we are supposed to believe these accusations against Russia. Our own deepstate has been operating out of control for decades. How can we trust them?


You have no knowlege the accusations agaibst Russia and Syria are true.

You certainly aren’t clarovoyent. There are many factions. No one can tell them apart from a distance. We DO have video showing obvious staging.