Space Force by 2020!


Trump supporters ARE space cadets.


We both signed the OST.

In the 1960s the Soviets developed a version of the R-36 that was capable of FOB, or fractional orbital bombardment. In a nut shell instead of firing the warhead(s) reentry vehicles on a direct ballistic path through the atmosphere as most ICBMs do they park the reentry vehicle in LEO. After it circles the earth a few times the reentry vehicle drops down to its target.

The advantage of such a system is that it makes it nearly impossible to estimate what the warhead’s target is. You could mix and match missile deployment so that some are direct ballistic weapons and others are FOB. This complicates any defensive measures.

The OST banned them from use and the Soviets ceased development. However there are credible rumors that the new Sarmat ICBM (which is to replace the R-36 Voyevoda MIRV super heavies in service over the next few years) is capable of FOB.


i wasn’t talking about anything legal/public.


I’m kind of betting that had Obama done this it would be seen as the best thing since sliced bread.


My initial reaction was not favorable.

Having considered this for a while now I am on board. In fact this may well be Trumps greatest legacy…In a positive manner.

The outer atmospheric realm really does need considered in terms of security.

Obama is probably rhetorically kicking himself for not thinking of it first.


If I get drafted I just don’t want them to give me a red shirt.


They are already consolidated under the Space Command.


Lol. Surprise, surprise…you support what trump tells you to support…

Outer space is already patrolled by the unified space command. There is no need for a space force.


ABM defense is divided between the Navy and AF. We need a unified command for all just like we Separated the Army Air Corps from the Army and created the Air Force.

Our technology and defense needs change over time and this is one place we cannot allow ourselves to fall behind.

Tracking deep space objects is divided between the AF, NASA and many other organizations. To ever have a chance at intercepting or diverting an inbound NEO that threatens the planet would take coordinated efforts from a dozen different agencies and departments under the current force structure and that’s an incredibly repetitive and unnecessarily complicated way to attempt to prepare a defense.

We’re 2-3 decades beyond time for the split.


Maybe. But then why doesn’t the current proposal including making NASA part of the space force?


NASA is a civilian agency.


Right - but you said we needed a space force because without it, there are too many agencies dealing with space, like the current Unified Space Command and NASA…

So what’s the difference between the current space command having to work with NASA and the future space force having to work with NASA?


Sorry, problem with the quote.


No, too many hands dealing with the military side of space.

If a particular department or agency is involved in exploration etc putting them under military command would not make much sense. Most of what NASA has done the last twenty years or more has been almost entirely dedicated to the civilian side of things.


No problem, I got it.


OK - I get that, and agree.

But your argument for space force was, too many hands, right?

So, what is the difference between the unified space command - which is correctly called Joint Force Space Component - that we currently have, and a future space force? How would a space force be any different than the unified space command, which operates much teh same way the unified special operations command does.


I’m for anything that can help find intelligent life on other planets. I just hope I’m around to watch the evangelicals freak.

Okay, I know that is a pipe dream and off-topic.


You don’t really understand, do you?


Not in dem world Mx. Rose.

With hindsight…spose we had put all that NASA money into dem pockets to disburse to their voters instead of going to the moon. What today would we have to show for it.

We would have no moon pictures and a passel more dem mouths to feed. It was good that saner heads prevailed back in the day.


Folks prideful of the U.S. enjoy this. Folks who aren’t post garbage photoshop shots.