Space Force by 2020!

An expensive and totally unnecessary expanse of the federal government? I’m sure the fiscal cons will be along to protest this move in a hot minute. :laughing:.

Spaaaaaaace foooooooorce!

Space Force Logos? Or rides at Disneyland? You decide!

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Space Farce!

Any day now we’ll be shooting down ChiComs with lasers trying to enter our Terraformed Martian Homes.

The first one isn’t completely awful (possibly solely because it reminds me of the Starcom logo) but the rest seriously look like kids camps.

This is something straight out of The Onion lol

Yet all the fiscal conservatives are telling us why this is such a good idea. Where is the tea party outrage at this financial boondoggle ?

Not sure which poster it was but in another thread they were trying to tell us how SPACE FORCE would actually save us money!!!

I grew up reading the UK comic Battle which became Battle Action Force and they had a SPACE FORCE which I always wanted to join so this is really a childhood dream come true. I stress “childhood” to point out the stupidity of this idea.


I know right? As a kid raised on Star Wars and Star Trek, who still, to this day, has toys of spaceships everywhere, this is a dream come true in the absolutely stupidest way possible.

Maybe Trump finally got around to watching Starship Troopers.

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Trump Tweet:

“Space Force all the way!”


I’m a reasonable person and willing to give Trump some freedom here. If he builds that wall and gets Mexico to pay for it, let’s do SPACE FORCE.


“I made the Kessel Run faster than that dopey smuggler, but does the Rebel Scum media give me any credit? No - SAD!”


Reminds me of this:

C’mon folks. We need a space force song.

Once again I expect Congress to do what is right and not fund another Trump turd.

Space Force or Space Farce?

Just like Dotard Donny Trump to NOT KNOW that parsecs are a measure of distance and not of time.


But so many kids want to be space cadets…

Apt name for Trump supporters.

Who is going to be the first ambassador with the Grays?

Trump wants to be Reagan REALLY badly.