Space Force by 2020!

I’m doing my part!

These Cro Magnon’s arrested in Berkeley, will NEVER be part of Space Force.

It will save money. Consolidation of all the existing space work.

You need help.

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My Corps, Your Corps, Space Corps!


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For all the ridicule and foolishness, in the end, all that is being proposed is grouping existing resources under a new name.

I think it is unnecessary and should not happen, but not a big deal.

As long as the United States continues to adhere to the restrictions and obligations of the Outer Space Treaty, I won’t worry.

I would strenuously object to anything that would compromise the principles and obligations of the Outer Space Treaty.


Brought to you by Trump University.

It’s only a matter of time before some maniac proposes stationing nuclear weapons in space. OST be damned.

They might PROPOSE it, but they can’t make it come to pass without a specific appropriation of money from Congress, which is highly unlikely.

NASA was so deemed from the very start by the democrats.

Obama finally fulfilled their wettest of wet dreams and not only dismantled NASA, but gave the pieces to countries in the middle east. Mus boys in space as it were.

Similarly, of course, the modern un-enlightend cave dwelling dems would also be against Space Force.

Up with more food stamps! they scream.

Up with -Cortez! they burble.

Down with Space Force they boo.

Ho ho ho space force gotta go! they chant.

And no more of this stuff! Who needs it?

How much did one shuttle mission cost. This is horrible. The cost of space force would be out of this world.

Fiscal conservative…votes no


Of course with the rumors that the Russians are investigating Fractional Orbital Bombardment for future ICBMs who knows what the future holds.

Like Safiel said it’s just reallocating resources that already exist in the other branches.

It’s just hilarious.

So we weaken other branches for a space force where…no one exists! Yeah…genius!

Hey I’m down to join if we get stormtrooper armor.

And hopefully after the academy we can amazingly miss the protagonists despite overwhelming advantages in numbers.

Space Force eh? We certainly do NOT need any more of this kind of American patriotic hero stuff! Space Force. Bah. Humbug! Ptfooey! We have video game! We have smart pfone! We have have -Cortez!

Apollo 8 - Genesis Reading (1968)

There came a time when it made sense to create the air force separate from the Army Air Corps.

This only makes sense as our defense needs relative to space are immensely different from those relative to operations within our atmosphere.

Personally I’d like to see the direct ground support/attack wings broken off from the AF as well and reincorporated directly under Army command for better integration and operational effectiveness similar to the Marine Air Corps.

This would do nothing to weaken the other branches.

I agree with you.
Maybe the Marines or Army would have kept the A10. That would have been good.