Space Force by 2020!


For what it is, it’s the best aircraft ever put into service.

I also understand the desire to go to a cheaper alternative for direct close support which is why it boggles my mind that they haven’t gone back to an upgraded A26 or even P47/51 airframe with modern turboprop engines. Imagine any of those with an extra thousand or more horsepower, avionics, and weapons systems.

The A-10 is a magnificent achievement.


Some foreign militaries are using these.
Not exactly p47s but …


The Air Force’s view of the A-10 is to hold it over the heads of Congress as a sacrificial lamb if more money isn’t sunk into procuring more F-35 at a faster rate.

I find it disturbing that some people believe that the F-35A can replace the A-10 for CAS. It can’t loiter anywhere as long as the Hog, can’t carry nearly enough payload for extended CAS missions, it’s expensive as all get out so no one wants to risk them, and I highly doubt it could take a 20mm shell to the wing and fly back home.


It’s absolutely amazing at it does.

I love watching the videos of the Avenger cannon tearing up old tank husks. Tears them literally to shreds.

The only other aircraft in the world that even comes within a galactic measuring distance of the A10 for CAS is the Sukhoi Su-25. And even then it’s no Hog.


You bet it will!!!


The first time we ever had to call in the A-10’s we were in a terrible mess of a fight. First chance we got we went to their base with a few cases of scotch and some very good prime rib as a thank you.

I’d have kissed every one of those guys on the lips if I’d had the chance that day.

When they are coming in from behind you and hit the guns, you see the impacts before you here the guns and it will shake you right to your core.

I can only imagine what the bad guys were thinking when they realized what was coming their way.


I think we both know your status


Did you realize there are still more than a dozen of the A26’s still flying? Several are flying close support fighting wildfires.

If I ever won the lottery I’d buy, restore, and fly one.


That is impressive. They keep these planes flying way longer than I think the designers ever anticipated.

They really need to move the A-10 to Army command. That would ensure their lifespans into the far flung future.

But considering the Air Force’s viewpoint on the army flying fixed wing aircraft it’ll never happen. They’ll find a way to scrap the fleet before they ever give up their exclusivity for running CAS.


For the AF it’s all about appropriations and control. Having spent years in the mud and sand myself I have a biased perspective but it’s one borne of experience.

Our combat controllers were the best of the best and assigned directly to our units but even with that we frequently ran into communications and logistical problems with AF command and the planes themselves.

If we want the best for our troops in the field CAS needs to be completely under Army command.


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You’ll enjoy this. It’s the same A-26 from the movie “Always”.


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I just assumed that United States and Russia already have.


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