Space Force by 2020!


Yes, of course. Still needed to be pointed out. UPVOTE!


We did that without a space force.


Fake news!

There’s no wind in space!


Ok…so if we call it say… Arugula Force then you’re all in? Is that all it takes? Just so long as Trump doesn’t get his name choice you’re all cool? Or mebbe better yet, OBAMA FORCE.…? Ok… I get you. Lingo is everthang.


At this point, I’m cynical enough about this president to believe that’s the ONLY reason he’s pushing for this.



Let’s call it Joint Force Space Component, which is what we already have.


find a book called “Understanding When People Are Joking” and read it.


Nope. He be derided for coming up with a stupid idea about how to bloat government even more tha it is already. I’m sure you would have cheered him on for it, though.




Aliens will pay for it. No problems.


Would that change if you knew that Russia and/or China were violating the Treaty?

I’m with you on the rest of your post. It’s just a consolidation of existing initiatives. (For now.)


Creating another branch of the military will save money? That’s crazy talk.


That’s two grades above the average Donald tweet.


Yes. It’s stupid.


I’m betting that prior to this post, you were the only poster who even knew that the OST was a thing.


If it’s all one service you get rid of the duplication among the services. If it’s all one service you eliminate the problems of coordination between units and services and especially the problems inherent with having to communicate in real time during a critical event.

The entire space defense budget would then be under one service, much more transparent, and much more efficient.

The AF in particular would no longer have to choose between CAS and a new satellite or anti satellite weapon, or between the F-22 and a space interceptor capable of breaking up or deflecting an incoming comet or asteroid threatening the planet.

We could then also divide missile defense between the new space force with it taking care of the outer atmosphere and beyond with the other services focusing on lift and reentry phase interceptions.


Why would we freak? God is all powerful and there’s no reason to believe he hasn’t created life elsewhere. That would be a horrible waste of space and resources.


NASA wouldn’t have even had the rockets for our manned space program without the Army and AF providing the early models.

The whole point of the Mercury and Apollo programs was to prove to the Soviets we could target their individual buildings if necessary with ICBM’s instead of just throwing a bunch up over the country hoping to get a good spread and to develop and prove out ever larger rockets capable of delivering even bigger nuclear payloads with precision.


You’d be wrong. We were discussing the OST before Saf even joined the thread.


Shoulda been handled by the private sector.