South Carolina Aiken county GOP censures Graham

The local party, which is based in one of the most solidly Republican counties in the state, said Graham “consciously violated the platform of the South Carolina Republican Party” in censuring the four-term senator, alleging that he “opened the door for additional Chinese investment in American projects” which would heighten “the threat to our national security.”

Another Rino in graham, the GOP is lousy with them.

Seems to me, he didn’t follow trump and is being punished for his refusal to follow TFG

Forgive him for thinking about South Carolina and it’s infrastructure.


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I applaud the action.

This legislation was awful…

So awful a rebuke is warranted.


What is the practical impact of the censure? Does it mean that he will be expelled from the Republican Party?

Not how it works, you can’t be expelled from a party to start with.

Let’s face it. The whole party is RINO at this point. They sold out when they made a NY Liberal real estate mogul the head of their party. Not only another RINO, but the biggest one to date. The man literally hung out with and donated to the other party. For years.


BuT We Like HiS PoLiCiEs!!!


For every page of the Bill that rebuilds infrastructure, there are ten that don’t. The Legislation hangs just enough carrots in front of the horse to carry the wagon over the edge of the cliff.


28 years marinating in swamp slime will do that to a person.


South Carolina people will disagree

In a statement Wednesday, the state’s transportation Secretary Christy Hall said the bipartisan package passed by the U.S. Senate this week would “enable SCDOT to boost investment in projects designed to improve safety, mobility and the quality of life for the residents, businesses and visitors” in South Carolina.

“I applaud the work of the U.S. Senate, and look forward to working with our congressional delegation as this proposal makes its way through the legislative process.”

Seems like graham did a good thing for his state.

Not something to get censured about.


His constituents have spoken but…you know better? Who needs the Constitution when “we” have the OP?

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Remember this, the word “infrastructure” was used by politicians because it’s a lie but who can argue with it?

False. Election has not been held. These few people do not represent SC.

Oh…then tell me who they do represent?

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His constituents spoke in November when he was re-elected.


The Aiken county GOP.


…and in what state is Aiken county?

Ok so who does graham represent?

Aiken county, SC.

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Just one county gets to decide The Whole state?

Is what they’re doing legal?