Something really weird could be happening


Again you have no evidence of this…I’ve looked…there is none


Can you name any of those folks? I say name em and shame em. Why hold back? Who exactly wants to roll back minority rights and what exactly have they done to advance the cause? Your turn. Now no B.S. Let’s hear some names. How about Sean Hannity? Is he one of them?


I can find more if you like. Do you want me to link the video where Obama claims the cost of insurance will go way down under Obamacare?


Again they were gonna go up regardless of the aca.


That’s not what Obama said. He said they would go down. Way down.


He was wrong…at best they slowed them down.


If that’s the fantasy that makes you happy who am I to judge?


It’s the truth.


This “newspaper” has chosen sides. They support the DNC 100 percent. You will rarely see them report favorably on a republican and rarely see them report unfavorably on a democrat.

It’s the truth.


So all you have is an ad hominem attack?


You live in a world of “Alternative” fact eh.


Are you worried? You should be.


I did not know anyone was talking about banning abortion. Returning the decision to the states sounds like a good idea though. There will be plenty of places where abortion will be legal. Just like guns… there are gun free zones and there are zones where you can carry guns.


Nobody…that’s all


depends do you advocate the government target “Fake” News?


I presume you have a link for that, and didn’t just pull it out of your ass?


Because the dems have proven to the better choice, how?

What domestic or international Trump policies, and / or what specific about the direction of the country has been so bad, that you want the dems to put the brakes on it, and turn back in the other direction?


Can you name any others?


It’s always been clear that everyone always blamed BUSH for the rising unemployment even to the 9.7 percent in January of 2010. And then it’s been OBAMA who started the trend back to low unemployment with a steady decline in unemployment numbers from January 2011 on an annual basis right down to 4.8 percent in January 2017. That is a 50 % reduction…well 50.51 Percent reduction from January 2010 to January 2017.

Am I to believe that OBAMA was the cause of the unemployment numbers going from 7.6 percent at the end of BUSH’s presidency in January 2009, all the way up to 9.7 by 2010. And then there was a decline steadily over the rest of OBAMA’s presidency. Who is to blame for the 2010 number Bush or Obama. And then who is to take credit for the 50% reduction in unemployment from 2010 to 2017 when OBAMA left office…OBAMA right…his policies were the cause of the reduction right. So it’s always been widely agreed upon here that Bush caused the unemployment…and that carried over into the first two years of OBAMA’s admin.

So now we are saying that the drop from 4.8 to 3.7 is Trumps doing? That is a 22% decrease from January 2017 to September of 2018. How is this not the carry over of OBAMA into the first two years of Trump’s presidency. If Bush takes the Blame…Trump can’t take the credit can he? When OBAMA is the guy responsible for a 50 % reduction in unemployment from 2010 to 2017. I just don’t get how we are supposed to buy that this is Trump when the trend was heavy decreases in unemployment for the past 8 and a half years. There has been a 62% drop in unemployment since 2010. Trump I don’t think can claim responsibility for this. I think like the blame was on Bush, the credit still has to go to OBAMA on this.


It would seem that the vast majority of people who “get rich” while in Congress do so by marrying into money.

Nothing nefarious.