Something really weird could be happening


Oh, and you mean health insurance, not healthcare, dontcha?


That part will be fun to watch. I do look forward to the continued hysterics. I can’t wait to see what the next investigation will be after Mueller finally gives up. Probably “Hey, hey, ho, ho something or other has got to go.” :crazy_face:


Why not go with letting state and local decide through votes. The majorities at each state and local level can make the laws applicable for that state and local area.


Why are you asking about secret tax plans then?


I want to know this.

1.What would be considered to be “Rich” and what percentage of their income should be taken?

2.Why does the government deserve a single penny more of anybody’s money?


I want to know why you’re talking about “secret” tax plans?


What is their plan for taxes? Who gets taxed more and at what rate? That is pretty much the info I want. Do you know?


Did you spend any time looking into it? Any time at all?


Probably not as much as you do and they do not publicize it well. Do you know what tax increases they are planning? Mind sharing?


Who’s plan specifically are you looking for?


It funny the wall was only single policy that Trump did not have a policy on that was one sided. Healthcare was Get rid of Obama Care and also fix Obama Care. Military was Pulling Troops out of idiot was, yet spending more on military.

Oddly he got into the White House and after a few million dollars got handed to him and his family only the conservative(ie benefiting the rich) policies get enacted.


Because right of the minority are more important then the opinion of the majority.


I got a lousy memory. What was the Republican platform in 2010?


That true but Obama was not a progressive he was a GOP-lite wannabe who took a conservative think-tank healthcare plan and suddenly morons did not like it because I guess a black man or something.


You have no evidence of this…they were going up regardless of the aca…and they are gonna go up if its repealed or not…


OK… so the poster I was responding to said conservatives are in the minority now.
So, according to you, the rights of conservatives are more important than the opinions of you libs.

See how that works when there is honesty in the debate?


Yes Rights are more important then opinion of the majority which is why banning Abortion, banning gun will never happen.


Repealing a healthcare plan that was thought up by a conservative think tank but since it was not a GOP who signed it they hated it. Identity politics and Obama being black set off a lot of trigger in them. Many are still living in their bunkers holding out for when Obama comes with FEMA to cart them off to the Hobbit Holes to live in After he takes away their guns.


Well for many Trump supporters rights translates into I get to say bigoted things all I want and take away rights of minorities because I think my sky wizard would want it that way.(Even though he made people that way)


Let me refresh your memory. Obama promised that insurance costs would be reduced by about $5000. It actually went up by a couple grand. Both party’s have been tinkering with insurance for years. And both party’s have been screwing it up for years.