Something really weird could be happening

Have you ever seen anything like this? A political party could win an election without a platform. They are running against the President and his policies. They have offered nothing themselves. So what policies are they running against? The Policies that created a 3.7 percent unemployment rate? Including the lowest minority unemployment in history? The policy that killed thousands of ISIS goons and pushed them out of nearly every area that they controlled? The policy that destroyed a Syrian/Russian airbase after a chemical attack on children? Do they want to re-regulate and re tax businesses destroying the primary reason for the economic boom? They are running on a we hate Trump platform. Without a platform of their own. Things are really good in the U.S. today. What exactly do they think they can improve? Crazy times.

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The democrats have a platform and stand for many things. Republicans just believe a pathilogical liar who thinks their idiots.


Undoing the Trump tax cuts, undoing his trade deals, and pretty much turning back on all the positive economic policies and achievements.

In other words, the dems are all about getting the USA back to the dog days of the era of Obama, with his weak 2% economy, and jobs that go overseas and never return.

Is this a joke? Were you asleep for the entire era of the Tea Party?

I never thought a two-year-long whining tantrum and hatefest would turn into election gains, bit it sure looks like it might pay off.

I guess the little kid in the store with the piece of candy is a strategy.

Not as crazy as your unflinching loyalty to a rich New York real estate developer.

Worked for you guys for 8 years…

The democratic platform is victimhood, a perpetual self organized pitty party over the mean old Trump oppressing them.

It was 8 years and it won the republicans the presidency.

Every candidate running for office has a web sight and the vast majority have their positions on issues listed there. This is true for both major parties. So, just another fictional OP.

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Don’t worry. As soon as we win back the White House we can just stop pretending that we’re opposed to these things.

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Serious question…did you sleep through the 2012 and 2016 campaigns?

Just curious, were you following politics as far back as, oh, say, 2014? Or waaaaaaay back in 2010?

Or perhaps you were too focused on your medical practice and just missed those election cycles?

What changes are the dems promoting?

I’m not the topic. What is the democratic platform. Can you give mabout three of four examples of what policies they want to change or improve?


Keep your government hands off my medicare. Our chief goal is to make Trump a one term president. It’s absolutely ridiculous that we elevated someone to the SC during an election year. We need at least 70 votes to impeach Kavanaugh and Goresuck. Tax Cheat Donny Trump gets it. No more negotiations without preconditions. He’s not even qualified. He’s a celebrity!


The peaceful protesting against Obama’s policies, where they were cleaning up their trash when their protests were over? Yes I remember them.

I also remember what the Democrats looked like when they counter protested:

Mmmm pure gaslighting…so much fun

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Give me a few examples of what policies that they want to fix,

What polices are they wanting to “improve.” Economic conditions are stellar. Do they think that they can make it even better? If so, how?