Something really weird could be happening

What policies did Trump enact to reduce the UE rate from 4.7 when he took office to the 3.7 it’s at now?

What policies did Trump enact to continue the trend of black unemployment falling when he took office?

What policy did Trump enact that continued to pushback against ISIS that was already progressing under Obama?

What policy did Trump enact to prevent the Syrian government from continuing to oppress its people?

What specific Obama regulations and taxes were preventing businesses from raking in cash hand over fist and setting record profits before he left office?

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Lower deficit, lower healthcare premiums, lower taxes for the forgotten man, and a " please don’t treat asylum families like cattle" policy. Four easy ones.

It’s absolute TDS insanity…that’s what the Democrats are running on!


You have obviously never heard Trump speak… like ever. The whiner-in-chief.

Those poor innocent little things can’t even attend a committee hearing without focusing it on their victimization, how are they going to win the white house…pitty votes?

Economic conditions were stellar in December of 2016, champ. We’re closer to an overheated economy than a healthy economy at this point. Trump is governing like we’re in a recession with massive deficit spending and tax cuts. That’s the opposite of what every credible economist would suggest needs to happen.

Feeling victimized again?

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I have to laugh at threads like this. The 2016 platform for both parties was essentially: “The candidate from the other party is the 2nd spawn of Satan.”

And the sad truth, at least at the presidential level, was that both parties were accurate.

We need to do something about this Kenyan Muslim and his trillion dollar deficits.

Knock yourself out.

You failed to answer the question. What policies would the dems change? Would they roll back the tax cuts and re-regulate business? Would that be a good idea? I don’t know their plan. They are pretty much running on hate.

You even try to look at any Democratic candidate’s webpage?

Nope, bet not. Instead, the OP took what the CEC has been pounding their fists on their desks and claiming and vomited it back here.

Not one Democratic candidate is running on “we hate Trump”. That is false beyond false.

Your thread is trolling.

You “knowledge,” which you put into words in the OP, is the topic.

Well, with my senate race, the platform of the D candidate for senate can be found here:

Looks like he wants to help Tennesseeans catch up economically to the rest of the country, make sure they get health insurance they can afford, and make sure they can achieve an education that will help them achieve success. He has direct experience doing all of these things as a successful businessman, mayor, and governor. His opponent is running on a bunch of Trump platitudes.

It’s almost like it might have been a bad idea to make such an overt misogynist and overall dumpster fire of a human being the Republican standard bearer that 2 in 3 women are supporting Democrats now.

Not a good answer. I have not heard a single dem offer a plan to reduce deficit spending. Do you know what the plan is?

Why are we responsible for your own ignorance? Here is the last DNC platform:

Which candidates do you want to know about?

Right after we fix that treasonous Russian traitor in the white house the way we fixed that other guy who stole the election.

No, they’d rather just whine.

Be honest, you stare at cable news all day and have never bothered to look at the platforms for your local candidates.

Do you need help finding them?


Are you referring to the active investigation which has already secured dozens of indictments, guilty pleas and criminal convictions?

Mueller is a ■■■■■■■ hero.

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