Something really weird could be happening

Yes, the investigation against the Russian operative who continues to victimize us on a daily basis…poor us.

Are you going to read the link I provided about the Dem’s “Better Deal for America” or are you going to continue to flair around like a petulant child?

Sure if you consider laughing at you being a victim…

Of course, they are preparing for a potential defeat in the House in Nov.

Lining up the excuses.

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You would rather just dodge. I asked a specific question. Give me three or four Trump policies that dems would roll back. What specific policy changes to the dems intend to make? It’s really a fair question that deserves an answer.

As I said…libs have nothing to offer but hate and resentment.

And they want payback. That’s what this election is all about. Payback.

Speaking of, did anyone else notice how gaunt and sickly tom perez is looking these days?? The sunken features of his face.

I saw a clip of him yesterday and while he was talking it appeared his skeleton just might jump right out of his body through his pie hole.

Did you ever get anything like this from Lord Trump? How was he specifically going to get Mexico to pay for the wall, for example?

I gave you a link explaining it all and you ignored it since you’d rather whine and cry. Enjoy your pity party.

Your posts are precious.

More gaslighting…

Do you actually have anything to offer beyond this conan? Everything you say is a falsehood…everything you condemn libs for you do.

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Maybe we should give libs the house…so they can stop their whining.

You mean trumps whining tantrum ever since he walked down the stairs at Trump Tower to announce he was running I suppose.

Hey Cowboy. I have never, ever leveled an unprovoked insult at you. I have always treated you with respect. Soldiers usually do not insult Marines to their faces. They usually do it from the safety of the internet. You wanna try again?

Trump repeatedly leads chants about locking up his political opponents, offers to pay the legal fees of people who attack protesters, constantly makes racially charges remarks, belittles women and survivors of sexual assault, and puts children in cages.

But yeah, it’s a shock that some people might have problems with the direction our country is taking.

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but then we will use it to target specifically you. Why would you want that?

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Every single economic metric continued on the same trend as it was when Dumpster Donnie took office. Except deficits and debt. Deficits were decreasing and under Donnie they switched to giant increases, thus exploding the national debt. Treasury is borrowing at unprecedented levels. At full employment.


Nope. Done with you. You have no desire to have a reasonable discussion. You just want to whine and cry about democrats and prop up your own victimhood.


I don’t want the POTUS to be in love with a murderous dictator.

Well, if we had a sane and rational Democratic Party, who actually wanted to help make our country better, instead of doing all they can to be subversives in the Resist Trump movement, then we might actually be passing legislation that does what you ask.

If the dems take over the senate or the house, do you think they will suddenly change their stripes? Hell no, they’d ramp up opposition to everything Trump.

All the dems have is anger and hate for Trump, it’s all that drives them.