Something really weird could be happening


You’re gone way off topic here. I thought you were wondering why Dems are poised to make election gains in November? Isn’t that the point of this thread?


Because the government spends money on our behalf, therefore we should pay for it.


Wanna try for number 1?


Republican did the same thing in 2008-2012.


Not really. I don’t have an easy answer for it and it’s not a particularly fair question the way it’s worded. Taxes are and should be progressive. There aren’t any cutoffs to consider someone rich as the tax burden should increase gradually with income. The percentage taken should be whatever is necessary to cover spending in times of economic expansion.


Then how would you word it? It kinda important info, Doncha think?


I’m not sure that’s possible. Taxes aren’t a simple issue so you can’t encapsulate it easily in question.

Try this. Should taxes revenue be sufficient to pay for spending?


So the tax increase plan should be kept secret until after the election?

So what spending would you cut? See any waste? Or do you think the government always spends your money wisely? (And yes, I agree, the defense department wastes a lot of money) Think about it this way. Not every congressman is rich when they take office. But nearly everyone is filthy stinkin rich when they leave. Typically worth millions. These are the people you want to give even more money too?


Sure there’s some waste.

What does that have to do with whether we should pay for it?


Even though our political parties could not care less about the national debt. I do care. And secondly. I work hard, really hard. I would rather that be for my benefit rather than some millionaire congressman. They don’t deserve another dime of anyone’s money. They take too much already.


Sure they do. Congressmen and women were voted into their positions of authority in free and fair elections, given the constitutional authority to spend money on behalf of the citizens. As citizens who elected these people into power, we are responsible for their actions including paying for the money that they decide to spend.

Maybe you don’t like it, but that changes nothing about what we are obligated to do.


So the tax increase plan should be kept secret until after the election?


You sound like you have an axe to grind


What are you talking about?


Mitch McConnell. Richest man in Senate from the poorest State. I know right?


Healthcare is the biggest reason why I am voting Democrat for Congress and Senate.


Still talking about this.

This statement means absolutely nothing. I have two questions.

1.What would be considered to be “Rich” and what percentage of their income should be taken?

2.Why does the government deserve a single penny more of anybody’s money?


You do realize that the last time the dems decided to fiddle fart around with health care, premiums went way up?


Can’t afford your own huh?


That and keeping the administration accountable for me.