Something really weird could be happening


Why stop at debt. Ban any form of allegiance to, or intimate ties with a foreign government . We can go as far as banning anyone who received their primary education outside the United States from serving in public office.


The bigger problem is the flagrant and blatant ignoring of posts that try to get down to specifics. I and a few others have tried to press OP on specifics, and those posts are ignored…for obvious reasons.


The dems will fix inequality? That’s not a policy, that’s propaganda

Good god, “a new regulatory agency and broad new oversight powers.” So expand government, that’s a winner, government does everything better when we give them new sweeping powers.

“Democrats are prepared to argue that despite relatively low unemployment numbers,…” despite that more people have jobs, and the market is in their favor to gain even better jobs and pay, the dems want to pretend government will somehow do allof that for them?

“The third plank is a list of antitrust proposals.” So break up Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Boeing, GM, Ford, Disney, McKesson, AT&T, Time Warner, Comcast etc…? Hell no.

More like protect the too big to fail, and prevent any smaller competitors from breaking out and gaining some of those market shares.


Yeah, step 1: when we are having good economic growth, don’t lower the revenue as a percentage of GDP at a greater rate than GDP growth. Because math.


Yes, a stategy of placing unwarranted blame on an innocent party…poor thing. Are there any other ways those mean old Republicans plan to exploit the otherwise innocent left in your view?


Many of us have loyalty to a presidency that does what this one does. Had Obama done the same things, we would have had loyalty to his presidency as well.

The individual presidents are very important to libs. The policies of a presidency are very important to conservatives.



I agree…the gop blaming the dems for the economy if it tanked would he unplaced blame…glad we could agree that the gop will play the victim of the dems trying to shut government down…


What boom are you talking about, exactly? The one where fewer jobs have been created in the same period prior? The one where real wages have increased at a slower rate than the period prior? The one where annualized stock returns are lower than under Obama?


It will be interesting to see what happens in November. I voted Republican in every election from 1990 - 2016. I’ll be voting Democrat this year - at least at the federal level - and it will primarily be a vote to hold Trump accountable. I know there are others in my circle of the same mind


All that would only be possible through the mass victimization of Russian collusion and fake news imposed on the left that lead to their further victimization by way of an illegitimate president, who further victimized them with illegitimate policies he imposed on them, culminating with the ascension of an illegitimate Justice that simultaneously victimized those poor leftists through a now tainted judicial system and the victimization of all woman in general the nomination represented…in a nut shell.


Maybe this will help explain it:

"Here’s what gets me about progressives.They never seem to realize that they are the majority. Yet on issue after issue, the polling consistently shows that they are.

Abortion? Sixty-four percent of Americans support Roe v. Wade.

Guns? Sixty-seven percent want stricter laws.

Taxes? Sixty-one percent say the rich need to pay more.

Healthcare? Fifty-six percent want government to ensure coverage to all Americans.

But it’s not just opinion polls. It’s also presidential polls. Republicans have won the popular vote only once since 1992."


i agree. like allegiance to Iran.


That trend never happened. Both parties are horrible regarding the debt. I have seen very little if any actual effort. Over the past 50 years. Occasionally the economy may drive a small tick in one direction or the other. But as for serious effort? The republicans suck. The democrats suck. Everybody knows this, but few have the integrity to admit it. Do you really believe that you should pay more taxes because your government has zero discipline?


That has nothing to do with me. Just a bunch of fantasy talk…

Guess you cant give examples…so we are good…I’ll enjoy watching you gaslight


This statement means absolutely nothing. Pretty much every liberal wants anyone earning more than them to be punished by the government. I have two questions.

  1. What would be considered to be “Rich” and what percentage of their income should be taken?

  2. Why does the government deserve a single penny more of anybody’s money?


The statistic refers to 61% of all Americans, not just liberals.


Okay, How bout this then.

This statement means absolutely nothing. I have two questions.

1.What would be considered to be “Rich” and what percentage of their income should be taken?

2.Why does the government deserve a single penny more of anybody’s money?


Why are you asking me these questions?


Why are you not asking your democrat candidates these questions?

In YOUR opinion Who is to be considered rich and how much should they be taxed?