Something really weird could be happening


It would seem that most people elected to congress are already married.



10 char.?


Why stop at McConnell?


Lol! Ten letters


Why stop what?


You could have done this yourself.


I’ll shatter this myth piece by piece. The President’s “policies” of deficit spending aren’t the reason for the 5 year trend of the unemployment going down and the 5 year trend of black unemployment going down. ISIS goons were getting killed and driven out of their strongholds in Iraq long before Trump took office and his selection of Turkey foreign lobbyist Mike Flynn for NSA nearly sunk the plan to topple ISIS in Raqqa since Turkey was firmly against it and Flynn tried to deep six the plan of arming the Syrian Kurds (a plan the Obama administration put together and passed to Trump) After Flynn was ousted with that fake cover story that he “lied to Pence” (lol) Trump finally put the plan into action which worked. And that airstrike on Syrian/Russia airbase was probably the most expensive fireworks show in history because we basically hit nothing of importance and that airbase was operational again like a day later. I don’t like tax cuts fueled by deficit spending that we aren’t going to pay for (especially when the economy was already doing great and near full employment) while spending money like crazy. We’ve been down this road with Reagan and Bush already and people still haven’t learned yet. I’m also not for deregulation for the sake of deregulation. Since I don’t have your memory span of a gnat I remember where deregulation got us 10 years ago and it looks like we’re headed back that direction once again. Crazy times is when people actually fall for the Trump University sales pitch.


I could have. But why would I? I simply asked if someone was checking into McConnell why not check everyone? I’m not the one who started looking up net worth. My point still stands. They are not all filthy rich when they arrive, but they are all filthy rich when they leave. I really could not care less which one is the filthy richest.


Raise taxes. Grow government and regulations.

Raise taxes some more. Open the borders, provide welfare and medical for non-US Citizens.

Raise taxes some more. Free college and Universal Health Care.

Raise taxes some more. Watch business go back overseas and unemployment rise.

Raise taxes some more and extend unemployment benefits.

Sounds like a pretty good plan for some (as long as nothing affects them).


Who cares if they leave filthy rich? That’s none of your business.


Sorry dude. They are public servants. If they use there position to enrich themselves, it’s my business.


They aren’t using their positions to enrich themselves. They’re just marrying rich people. Look it up.


Hows it working out for Fat Donald?


Anyone worried/hopeful about the Democrats actually taking advantage of the blunders of Donald and his merry band of GOPers next month should remember the wise words of Jeff Goldblum when he was asked if the party was capable of screwing this up:


Sing it loud, sing it proud…

I would love to say we will never forget the last mistake, but chances are, we will.


Of course. As do the Cons.


Real wages are down for the middle class (wages increases - inflation)

Have you been to the gas pump recently.

any money gained via Trump Tax Reform bill is going to oil companies.



During Obama’s presidency, healthcare expenditures actually increased at some of the lowest rates in history.


Yes! yes I have, Between January 19, 2009 and January 20, 2017.
This selective amnesia is amazing.
The first night as president, GOP leadership got together at the Caucus Room restaurant in DC and pretty much made blood oath to obstruct and make President Obama a one term president, which gave rise to the so-called Tea Party. Second term was spent obstructing and the only policy the GOP had in place was to waste tax payers money by doing over 50 symbolic and meaningless votes to repeal the ACA.