So with 56 days to go, is there still anybody betting on the R's to hold the house? (9-13-2018)


Dems are not touching taxes until 2021. It’s a nice scare tactic though.


I’d file before then if I were y’all but to each his own.


Oh and “No, no, no, we only want to raise your taxes later…”



The 2016 election proved that we’re not political prognosticators.
If you want good predictions, find out what Tommy and ■■■■ Morris think and predict the opposite.


Republican thought:

We’re gonna give everyone a tax cut. Everyone will save thousands a year.
Well, we’ll give it to the rich and corporations. Trickle down economics. Corporations will give it to the employees. Every single one.
Oh, you didn’t get a bonus or raise or anything? Terrible company, probably run by liberals.
You got a tax break of $5 per paycheck. You should be glad we gave you anything.


Left: We want OUR $5 back.



10 char


reminds me of obama post 2010…Some reason the GOP was ok with that


true they dont. but from what i have seen its more about the ground game this time. Not a national leader. what they argue in Cali is not what they purpose in ohio. Yes there are some key parts, Jobs, healthcare, and wages.

Its a mixed boat out there right now. You have people who support trump and others who feel he hasnt lived up to his word. you have people who feel he stabbed them in the back, and others who feel he has done well, while being not so pleasant on twitter and such.

I think personally the key will be women. That will make or break the GOP this time.
People state they dont care about the sex lives of people, but they do. It matters. You need to have something stable at home in order to be stable at work.Sure the base state they dont care but they do. Not in a we are offended way, not when its their guy.

there is no hillary this time. They are trying with Pelosi but its not working as well. Its not national and a lot of dems have distanced themselves from her.


It doesn’t need to be…I am fully aware of hour this great system works. I love how when the electoral college throws democrats a victory it’s awesome, but when it works the way it is supposed to it needs to be ripped up and rebuilt. Speaking More of Bush v Gore than Trump v Clinton.

And like I said…I am just opining. Nothing I say really matters anyway.


When did that happen?


I could have worded that better.


The Democratic Party candidate has always LOST the electoral college (starting with Andrew Jackson in 1824) in these kind of presidential election and continuing to the present day.



“So how high will the blue wave go? Hard to say, Cook said. But whoever ends up with majorities in federal and state legislatures, “Republicans are going to lose a whole bunch,” he said. “They could lose between five and nine governorships around the country. They could lose 400 or 500 state legislative seats around the country. This is going to be an ugly year for them.

“The question is, is it going to be a bad night, or a really bad night, or a really, really bad night?”


Anybody remember that poster who was always bragging about the 2010 mid-terms? Where is he?


You might be thinking of Gattaca


That’s not the one I was thinking of.


Democrats don’t need anyone to whip them into a frenzy. They’ve been in a frenzy since Nov. 2016, starting the night of the election and not giving up one day. Of course they have their Big Media pushing their frenzy all the time.
But what person whips up their frenzy the most? Trump, of course.


And just wait until tax season when a very very large group of middle class American’s used to getting a refund end up owing.


The filter provides much hilarity.