So with 56 days to go, is there still anybody betting on the R's to hold the house? (9-13-2018)


And there is the arrogance of the left that we all love so much! Keep raising those taxes!


The Democrats will very likely pick up one Congressional seat in Arizona here by picking up AZ 2nd congressional district.


So if the R’s lose 50 seats in the house, (a distinct possibility) its okay because they kept the senate. LOL.



That will be the spin along with “1000 seats lost during Obama”


Never mind the fact that the moment the dems take the house. If there is any hiccup in the GDP it will be the dems fault despite them being sworn in… Like Obama


It’s a tossup imo. The OP is overly optimistic as usual.


Kirkpatrick in a landslide. :slight_smile:



wow losing confidence GD. a couple of months ago i believe you said GOP would hold; now its a tossup. what has changed?



Legislatively probably a lame duck in either case. It would take a huge increase in Republican seats to get decent immigration legislation passed…and what are the chances of that?
The only real thing to watch is the Senate. If he can gain a couple of seats there…and have the advantage of dumping a couple of Senators like Flake for more compatible Republicans, then it can make easy gong for judges and other appointments…plus take away any dreams Dems may have of impeachment.
A Democrat controlled House can make more noise with anti Trump “investigations”, but their media has already maxed out on anti Trump rhetoric so that really won’t aid them to make more.


Senator Flake had an over 93% rating from the American Conservative Union. The Arizona Senate race here is likely going to be very close.


Maybe if the Democrats take both House and Senate, they can make Trump stand at the border, with his hand out, waiting for the Mexican president to hand over a check.


Democrats have been experiencing record turnout across the country this election cycle. Just one example…

A swell in enthusiasm among Democrats led Arizona voters last month to shatter the state’s previous record for turnout in an August primary election.


Arrogance? Several posters here stated their paychecks increased by a few dollars. Losing those few dollars isn’t going to make a difference. Its not arrogance, its truth.


That’s right…I am just out here making stuff up.


The GOP tax scam raised my taxes, thank you very much. As for the majority of Americans, the extra $22 dollars per month is not worth the ■■■■ show of incompetence and corruption.

Let’s flip the House and let the investigations begin in earnest.


After the House this is what I’m really interested in. All of the state level elections. How many governorships, state house and senate seats, attorney generals…How many state houses and senates flip blue. How small the majorities become for Republicans in some states. In special elections in 2017 and 2018 Republicans are losing about 20% of the seats they were defending. Democrats are almost unbeaten. If that trend continues it will be a political trouncing.


@reflechissez This is the full quote. You took only the first part of it. This is the full thought And I stand by that the Democrats have no one whipping them into a frenzy like they have trump.

And afterall…The questions asked in the OP are simply asking for speculation…Not factual ideas. I am merely speculating that we can’t trust the polling numbers based on Trumps base and what happened in 2016.


For that new border toll that he should have passed in 2017 or 2018.


Democrats don’t need to be “whipped into a frenzy.” We just need to vote. And we are.

What happened in 2016 was based on the electoral college. trump did not win the popular vote [why does this need to be repeated?]


And now the evolution of democratic thought.

“We don’t want to raise taxes.”

“We only want to raise taxes a little.”

“You want us to raise your taxes.”

Couldn’t have said it any better. Thank you.