So with 56 days to go, is there still anybody betting on the R's to hold the house? (9-13-2018)


Correction: I was a coin toss.



Yes for regular people…his tweets are outputting. To his supporters they are a battle cry.


Who cares. I’m done listening to polls.


If the “battle cry” does not increase his number of supporters, what difference does it make? Have you considered that his tweets also work to his detriment?


Just listening to yourself is always an option.


But if it increases the number of his supporters who actually vote it does. Say 40 percent of 64 million vote Republican. Or 40 percent of Trump supporters in each race vote. That is huge. Not saying those will be the actual numbers…but that’s the game plan. Work the base into a frenzy of voter turnout. Democrats aren’t doing anything like it. Remember the base believes Trump is right. All the time. Do democrats have that?


Polling sounds just like it was in 2016…


Mid-terms, from my perspective, are driven by a group message, more than individual messages. Especially the House races.

Example - 2008, Obama wins, and begins his push to pass Obamacare. In 2009, the Tea Party and Republicans begin their opposition to ObamaCare. The result - in 2010, Republicans gain control. Central message from the GOP group "ObamaCare will drive us deeper in debt, and in general is bad policy.

For Democrats to regain control of the House, they need a group message. Trump is an egomaniac, an idiot, and says stupid things is not something that will be endearing to people to rush out to vote on. I’ve heard healthcare, medicare, and others are themes of candidates.

Is it enough? Polling suggests that, but there is still time to sway voters.


That’s what has me thinking we’ll pick up 2. Nevada and Minnesota.


Raising taxes has been the group message so far.


You are really not paying attention.


Two examples:

One congressional seat in VA (near where I live) is hotly contested. None of what Abigail has mentioned on her website indicates raising taxes.

PA 7th District - Again, Democratic candidate speaks nothing on her website of raising taxes.

This “raising taxes” is something that I’ve seen other posters proclaim as well. Is this what Rush and Sean are pushing on their radio shows?


The leader of the congressional democrats begs to differ.


The title of the article is not accurate.

“I do think we should revisit in the way we always have, in a bipartisan, transparent way that the result is unifying for the country,” she said at the same event. Pelosi objected to the distribution of the tax cuts, 83% to the top 1%, and what she said was $1.5 trillion of tax cuts to American corporations.

She wants to reverse some of the 83% that went to wealthy 1%ers. SHe’s not looking to raise taxes on everyone.


She’s looking to undo the tax cuts. That equates to raising taxes without all the political blather she spat.


Oh no! How will the middle class deal with the added 20 cents more taken out of their paychecks.


He had one, which was tax reform, which was nothing like what he actually wanted, but it is now his only campaign point as far as legislation.


count me in on those that still feel faith in America.


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The response will be that the win by the dems of the house is not enough and that it was an overall loss because they could not take the Senate. It already started in this very thread