So when exactly is the fascism supposed to begin?


Remember when Obama was Hitler?

Remember how he was starting the neo-Hitler Youth by giving a back to school speech after he won the first time?


I accuse Obama being a hybrid of being fascist socialist.

Odd…he was the one that used goverment to spy on his political enemies too. :wink:


I remember the creepy song.


Trump’s not a fascist, he’s just an self-absorbed idiot and cretin that emboldens fascists.


Define “hybrid of being fascist socialist.”

Too? Who else did it?

And what proof is there Obama did it, besides asinine conspiracies, and alleged testimonies of random individuals that was going to be a huge bombshell that you told us about?


The creepy song where Obama was accused by right-wing figures of creating his own Hitler Jugend by telling school kids to work hard, do their homework, respect their parents and teachers, etc?


According to you guys it kicked in when Obama was potus.


So criticizing is attacking now.


Even Fox admitted most of its programming was not real news, but rather opinion programming.


That’s not what you said in the OP.


Or increasing the Public Health Service corps?


It was amazing that a simple back to school speech by a D bothered conservatives so much, especially given Bush and Reagan back to school speeches happened.

The hyperventilating was unreal.


And media outlets should not choose sides and attack presidents either. If a media outlet acts like they are representing the DNC or the RNC then they are legitimate adversaries and have allowed themselves to be targeted.


Believe it or not, I actually know what I said. But thanks for the update!


Comparing any American politician to Hitler is absurd. And it is cliché. Anytime a politician disagrees with somebody, he will be called Hitler. It makes the accuser sound like a complete idiot.


Most people get their news from liberal sources. And there is zero degrees of separation between the DNC and most news outlets. Calm down and let us have Fox. It’s the only one we have. Do you really need them all?


I wish someone like you were around to tell that to people who made the Obama comparison when he was president to knock it off. Boy howdy, if you did such a thing you were accused of being a flaming lib.


I know right? If only we had a time machine. I could go back and fix all of out ills.





Didn’t we already go fascist under obama? Or was it Bolshevik? I can never remember which one y’all settled on. IIRC, you alternated between the two, told us obama was going to suspend elections, and then y’all forgot about it.