So when exactly is the fascism supposed to begin?


No, the creepy song the comrade had them singing in the classroom


Nope. You are totally incorrect. There is no Y’all. I said nothing of the sort. Also, the libs here have not relented. They are still claiming that Trump’s administration is fascist. 84 relies and not a single one has any examples of fascist governing.



So you WEREN’T aware that there were well-known right-wingers drawing the Obama/Hitler Youth when he was just giving a back to school speech, right?

There was no epidemic of “mmm mmmm mmmm, Barack Hussein Obama,” except in the right-wing media. It was their #1 hit for some time.




Trump has been routinely demoted on the fascism scale since the election by the media. First he was Hit’ler then he was demoted to Mussolini, and the latest was Goebbels by the time 2020 comes around he will just be a common foot soldier of the wermacht


No. I don’t remember that. But I have no reason to doubt that it happened. I do recall him being called a Muslim or the anti-Christ and other idiocy though. I’m don’t like the idiots on your side. And I don’t like the idiots on my side. I am prejudiced against idiots.


How horrible! A billionaire fascist running the free world and he has zeeero fascist accomplishments? As far as Trump is concerned, SS should stand for So Sorry. Because he is one sorry assed fascist.



Every President on the left have had the propaganda arm of CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC and NPR as well as almost every major newspaper. They were especially all for Obama. This has been a big advantage for the left for many years.


Nope. You are totally incorrect. There is no “libs here.” I’ve never said Trump is a fascist.


Completely false. Media outlets have been choosing political sides in this country and attacked politicians from the beginning. Presidents are elected to represent all people, media outlets are not.


I didn’t say anything about taking away your propaganda.


Acosta…Any press conference he was not booted from, but especially the one he badgered and wrestled for the microphone in…then got booted to only cry to the lawyers for another pass.


Why they used to have microphone fights to the death in walled rings with lions eating the vanquished.

In Rome, 678 BC, googel it.


Fascism has already begun on the left and it never fails that leftists will always blame others of what they are guilty of themselves.


Completely true. There are zero degrees of separation between CNN and the DNC. They are one and the same.


That’s good. Because nobody wants to take away your propaganda either. So you’re safe.


It did happen. Thomas Sowell, Michael Savage. Others called him “Chairman Obama” or referred to him creating a **Civilian National Security Force." I don’t think I need to remind anyone of the plethora of Nazi/fascist references toward Obama during his presidency.

That’s the difference here-you have a side. I don’t have a side. There are idiots on both sides.

I do my best not to side with idiots.


Make up your mind. Are you against it or not?


Name one question he asked that was false or derogatory.


I didn’t say that they weren’t. You’re arguing with yourself here.