So when exactly is the fascism supposed to begin?


Funny when you type in google

media headlines attacking Trump.

You get nothing but Trump attacking the media.


Yes, and considering we don’t have reporters we have leftist activist, to stupid to know the difference between being a reporter and being a political commentator…

AP records scandal…
…attacking James Rosen.

Obama said Fox was not real news , so…


No doubt. Obama trashes FOX, no problem. Trump trashes CNN, Fascist!!!


But you did cast a ballot for his enabler.


It’s not funny. It’s because the media doesn’t attack Trump.


Obama had CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS and they want to talk about “propaganda arms”.


Doesn’t change the fact now does it.

Every republican president that I can remember was a fascist.

So that leads me to believe that media and democrats in general don’t know what fascism is…or they think every republicans is fascist.

So which is it?


You just lost the last ounce.


Remember when Bush was Hitler?


Of course it’s a huge advantage. He has the most popular cable news network running cover for him and presenting him in the best possible light 24/7. Obama also had friends in the media. Trump is no different, he just reacts differently to negative coverage.


Presidents shouldn’t attack media outlets, they were both wrong.


Bush Jr? Yes I do. Reincarnation of Hitler I believe were exact words that was used.


The left is consistently treated worse by media than the right is. The right is allowed to lie with impunity. The left is not. We are held to a higher standard across the board because our voter base still cares about the truth and thus we are constantly self-correcting – which is good.

That’s why Al Franken is out of power (rightly) and Trump is more popular than ever amongst the faithful.

Every time you point out the right’s lies or ignorance on a topic they claim they are being attacked. It’s pretty tiring. Like babysitting is tiring.


Whose exact words? That person was wrong.


That is on amazing post. Congratulations.


Indeed it was.


Doesn’t matter…it was used. Not once but on several occasions.


So nobody said it. Got it.


Reality hurts sometimes. I remembered googling his birth date at the time because I though Bush Jr was slightly older. If he was born before Hitler death I was going to mention how can he be reincarnated as Hitler.

Just a trip down memory lane.


Reality would be providing any sort of attribution to your claim that the mainstream left (who you were referring to) literally called Bush, Hitler re-incarnated.

Heck I’ll even accept idiots like Bill Maher, if it was someone like him who said it. Just looking for you to back up your statement with any kind of evidence or example.