So when exactly is the fascism supposed to begin?





The same as every president.


But yet no mention of using the most powerful tools of goverment to spy on your political opponents.

Funny that. Seems to me that should be on top of the list…don’t you think?


I can’t convince you the sky is blue if Trump claims it is brown and you are determined to believe him, facts be damned. How is that a good use of my time?


Oh no, it wasn’t factual reporting. It was mocking and taunting. And it lasted right up until he won. Even after. They’re still doing it.


Not even close.


How can trump be president when the right assured us obama was going to suspend all elections and rule for lo ife as a socialist czar?


There are at least a couple of people on this very forum who claimed Obama would suspend elections and assume emergency power. And yet he’s no longer president.

And they said he would take our guns. I still have mine.

It’s so strange.


He insults people. He lies constantly. He ****** on every norm we have in this country about how to behave. He cheats on his wife and brags about it. He speaks at the level you would expect from a middle schooler.

But yeah…report on the way he is acting? Think we should expect a little more from the ******** President of the United States? That is apparently now taunting and mocking.

How about his supporters stop chortling like drunken frat boys every time he does something asinine or horrible and hold him to some level of accountability?


Yes, he’s not only a terrible racist, he’s not much of a fascist either…lol!


The guy that had his funeral today was also a fascist. You guys seems to think we have short memory. Reagan was fascist, Bush son Jr was fascist.

I’m starting to think you guys don’t know what fascist means.

Or maybe…anyone in Republican party is a fascist.

So which it it?


Thus it is spoken, @SneakySFDude has declared all reporting on Trump up to the day he was was all “mocking and taunting.” There was no reporting. None.


Give one example of a non-opinion piece from the mainstream media that is mocking and taunting Trump.

Just one.


That’s a poor use, A better use would be to tell me exactly when we are supposed to make the move toward fascism. Any idea?



It wasn’t just reporting.

You want to talk about insults?


Sure it is. But how many presidents have had a dedicated propaganda arm like Trump has? That’s a big advantage for him.


Whiff. I didn’t ask you whether or not he’s a good person. I asked when the fascism is supposed to begin. He’s running out of time.


No, it’s not. You mean like obama?


And some of you seem to think we are also big Bill Clinton supporters even though there is an entire generation of Democratic voters who never once cast a ballot for him and wouldn’t now even if they could. Why? Because they were kids or not even born yet.

I never called Bush 41 a fascist. Do you know why? Because I was in elementary school when he was President.

We aren’t all the same age. We haven’t all been fighting these political battles for decades.


So you couldn’t find an example.

Got it.