So what do you think Trump agreed to?

“Russian President Vladimir Putin claims that President Donald Trump is considering a plan that would allow separatist Ukrainian territories to hold referendums to decide their fate, according to two anonymous sources who spoke to Bloomberg.”

So a Sudetenland type thing. Sweet.

Pretty sure this is the entirety of the “Grand Bargain”. Help and support during elections for much of Ukraine (as well as constant toadying to Putin.)

Surely this has to be written down somewhere?

The null hypothesis is that of course the Russians recorded the one on one meeting between President Putin and Trump.

You’re right.

It’s only about 75% of the sum total.

The other 25% are you making assertions with no factual backup.


PS I’m still gonna read Kessler’s book…

He asked for details and you gave him TV.

What do you expect?

Annexation means the seizure of property so yes Poland was annexed by Germany. A dictionary can be your friend in times like these.


  1. the action of annexing something, especially territory.“the annexation of Austria”
    1. seizure, occupation, invasion, conquest, takeover, appropriation “the annexation of Texas in 1845”

What I said was completely mainsteam

You guys are using “annexation” because it’s a PC way to say it. A cleaner way to say it.

There are plenty of hawks always beating the drums of war, the left used to know this better than anyone before Trump became president. Their planes are buzzing ours, we killed 200 Russian mercenaries in Syria. At anytime something could go wrong and the two nuclear super powers are fighting in Syria anything could go wrong.

Oh, that’s true. That’s what got us into Iraq.

Maybe Trump wasn’t very focused during the Sudetenland Summit. He probably knew about Cohen’s tapes and had trouble keeping his mind on the task at hand.

It’s hard to work when you’re such a monumental ■■■■■■ in every conceivable way.

Apt comparison. I’m gonna start using it if you don’t mind. #sudetenlandsummit should become a real hashtag.

Go nuts. Fun fact is that no one ever called that part of Czechoslovakia “Sudetenland” until the nazis made it up specifically to try to grab it.

They could supply them with enough advance weaponry that would make it extremely difficult for the rebels.

And what about the NATO members of the Baltic states.

I gave credible reporting from subject matter experts interviewed by journalists on Fox. To dismiss subject matter experts as “some people on TV with no actual knowledge” is a discussion stopper. But that’s what LIBs do, so it comes as no surprise.

In regards to sweeping a site ahead of a Presidential visit, that is standard practice. Anyone who believes otherwise is living in la la land.

I still prefer #KompromatSummit

yes. TV…

It’s also standard practice for Russian intel services to record and video everything. I think you’re peeing up a rope if you’re relying on what you heard on your favorite talkie and what “standard practice” is if you think that meeting wasn’t recorded.

I never stated it wasn’t recorded. I stated there were no bugs in the room.

Do you know how stupid you sound?