So what do you think Trump agreed to?

This gets back to Michael Flynn and the secret Seychelles (and others) meetings. I think Trump probably made an international security agreement with Putin regarding Syria, where the US backs off and lets the Russian backed Assad maintain power in exchange for getting Iran out of Syria. Not sure how that works, but OK. Oh, and Russia gets to keep Crimea.

What do you think President Deals gave away?

Backdoor shenanigans to get around sanctions.

I doubt he even remembers what he said during the meeting, so who knows?

Yup, it’s always been about sanctions.

This would have been helpful to have someone from the US there besides Trump so we would know what international security agreements he was making and not having to find out what was said from Russian state media.

again it seems the Russian media is 5 steps ahead of even our own military

Vladimir Putin told Russian diplomats that he made a proposal to Donald Trump at their summit this week to hold a referendum to help resolve the conflict in eastern Ukraine, but agreed not to disclose the plan publicly so the U.S. president could consider it, according to two people who attended Putin’s closed-door speech on Thursday


So I’m guessing the referendum will be one where there’s a vote where the “citizens” of Donetsk and Luhansk vote to leave Ukraine and ask for Russian peacekeepers and or request to join Russia. And since everyone knows there aren’t any Russians fighting in Donbas, everyone there gets a vote and it will be totally legitimate.

Trump’s the greatest negotiator ever. Many, many people are saying it. Like, Louisiana Purchase level negotiating skills.

You heard about the babies, right? Terrible, terrible situation. The worst. Absolutely terrible. We’re going to do something about that, you’ll see. Russian babies will be available for adoption in America soon. Faster that you’ll believe it. Lot’s of babies. And mostly the blue-eyed ones. They’re precious. So very, very precious.

We’ll give them stuff we don’t care about, but we’ll act like we care about it. To drive a hard bargain, you get what I’m saying? Crimea. Free hand in Syria. Nobody cares about Syria, you know what I mean? Do you care about Syria? I don’t. Maybe Crimea, too. They speak Russian or something like that anyway. McFaul. We’ll give 'em McFaul, too. I’ll pretend to fight it at first, but they’ll be the tools. What kind of name is McFaul, anyway? Some sort of cross between Irish and Arabic? Did you know that Ireland is part of the UK. A lot of people don’t know that. I’m just saying that because a lot of people don’t know it. Good ol “Arabic McFaul.” We don’t need him.



I was thinking the same. I don’t think he made any deal. I think this was just a made up meeting to make it look like he’s working on foreign policy…first KIM and now PUTIN with the Queen thrown in between. I think this is all just reality TV type production to make it look like Trump is doing something. I’d be surprised if anything came out of this summit. Except a big fat nothing burger.

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I don’t know that Trump gave anything away. Certainly no giveaways on a par with godemperor O. But I know what he gained. Exploding lib heads. Priceless…and cost nothing.

While libs and traitor RINOS fret over whether or not Trump actually put the kreamy white filling in the Kap’n Krapsnacks Trump is doing big(ly) and HUGE and WONDERFUL MAGICAL conservative things unchallenged.

Russians keep talking about what they’ve gotten out of it. Maybe that’s all fluff, but I suspect its related to the Syrian grand bargain that Flynn and Kushner were working on from hours after the election.

Wow…I was two paragraphs deep before I realized this was you parodying Trump. Man…you got him down good!

I don’t believe he made any kind of deal. I believe he did open the door to further cooperation between the two countries on areas of common interest. I believe we will see officials from both countries sit down to begin formal discussions on those areas of common interest.

The Russians are talking about an international security agreement that was made. What do you think that’s all about?

Common interest. Like Russia gets to officially keep Crimea and Donbas and Assad gets all of Rojava back and Trump gets a press conference where Putin says he’s a great president and no one has ever negotiated as well as Trump?

The only thing Putin want is to annex Ukraine.
and Trump is going to let him.

Handing Putin the keys to the White House when he comes to visit.

So what am I to make of this garbage? I guess with Trump haters, you just can’t have a serious discussion.

Pretty much what I stated. The beginning of a process of mutual cooperation in areas of common interest.

Why is everyone mad with Russia all of the sudden? Putin might as have been Obama’s best friend during his presidency. Russia and the United States have been on the best terms ever since World War I brought them together in a common alliance.

How do you explain all of the ironic humor of American comedy when they used Russia as the de-facto bad guy during the 80s and 90s?

Then why is the US saying they have no idea what they’re talking about?

IMO this references the Syrian ‘grand bargain’ that Flynn and Kushner were working to keep Assad in power, the US and Iran out of Syria (good luck getting Iran out).

But those are all assumptions since as of this writing the Russians are crowing about new international security agreements that came out of their private meeting, and the US is like “bwuh”?

Would even a Trump supporter, seeing how bad of a negotiator Trump actually is while President, want him negotiating something like that by himself?