Should we destroy the history that we don't like?

Why? How many black families come to this site to honor their ancestor’s? I would bet tens of thousands. This brought slavery to life for people who have only read about it. A real artifact that you could touch. How many people have prayed for peace on this site? What a tragic mistake. Destroying historical markers because we don’t like the history behind them. By this same “logic” We should be taking the wrecking ball to Auschwitz because the history behind it is bad. You woke folks need to stop “feeling” for a few minutes and start using your brains. This is beyond stupid.

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Ever hear of a museum? They hold historic pieces there and at the same time, you don’t have symbols of racism sitting out in the middle of the public. Makes a lot of sense to me.


What was destroyed? The block was moved to a museum.

The city has said the location will still have historical significance and not just erased.

From reading the report the council did their due diligence and consulted the community and commissioned a study.

Your analogy of taking a wrecking ball to Auschwitz is incorrect because NOTHING has been destroyed.


Communities have a right to make their own choices as to what monuments they want to display on public property. As long as it was done legally and not by vandals, it’s all good. My community highlights the fact we were a major stop on the Underground Railroad. I’d throw a fit if they chose to honor slavery or someone who fought for slavery instead.


This was done the correct way and I have no problem with it.


Fragile minds tend to want other even more fragile minds.

The generations before us were not so fragile.

Personally I don’t care if it stays or not.

I do not like to see these decisions made in haste or as part of a herd mentality.


Why is “history” sacrosanct? I deny that presupposition.

I suppose that’s fine if the community decided. I think a referendum would have been better, but whatever works.

I’m way more annoyed though by southern plantations that have become $50k wedding venues. German concentration camps are now sites for solemn reflection. American plantations are where you go to eat mini crab cakes, drink Becky and Caleb’s signature mint julep punch, and dance to DJ Such and Such.


You want to talk about fragile.

Lol which why it took Rosa parks to integrate the buses.

They were so fragile back then.

Imagine the horrors of sitting next to a black person on the bus.

You might get the cooties.



Well, that’s a simplistic (and inaccurate) view.


I don’t see the problem there. Absent the intent being choosing the location because you are a fan of slavery. They are buildings and property that don’t carry any blame for the uses they were put to in the past. If someone choose them as a venue because they are a nice place for an event, so what?

Than why the institutional racism of Jim Crow laws?

They didn’t allow blacks to votes.

Nothing screams fragility more than voter suppression.

Or subjugation of a race.


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There are zero black families that make pilgrimages to slave auction blocks to commemorate their ancestors.


I doubt that is true.

It’s as true as tens of thousands of black families going there to commemorate their ancestors.


No, it isn’t.

Yes it is.

In the linked story, black people in the town tell of spitting on it as they pass it.

It is not nor ever has been a monument where tens of thousands of black families come to commemorate their ancestors. A slave auction block!

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Spitting on it is a perfectly valid response. So it wasn’t zero.

Spitting on it as one passes it in the course of one’s day is not tens of thousands of black families making a pilgrimage to a slave auction block to honor ones ancestors.


It’s not tragic. You should be happy they’re removing an idol to America’s wickedness.