Should Trump leave Syria?

I think he should.

Here’s a video from MSNBC where Jeffery Sakes is interviewed on the subject. He says Trump should trust his instincts and leave. Then he goes on to explain how we got into the war and why we never should have gone in 7 years ago. Very interesting. He’s says 600K have died in an unexplained war, that congress never voted on. Against the UN charter?

I think Sakes was right, we cannot get Assad out of Office and should never have tried. He thinks it will cause war with Russia. Would that be worth getting rid of Assad?

No, doing so would do nothing but hand most of the country back over to a resurgent ISIS.

If we are out of the way, why wouldn’t Russia be able to take them out?

They are far less capable than we are as it would appear. If not, ISIS would have never taken so much of Syria and Iraq to begin with.

I can’t in any way support the idea of once again abandoning the Kurds either.

Don’t you think we were/are fighting a proxy war against Assad and Russia, thus the Russians would be more effective if we stopped?

depends are we ever going to get serious about ending the war or not?

No, a proxy war with Russia looks like us going to war directly with Syria or perhaps Iran as the Russians supply, equip, and train both of their armies.

If anything we’re halfway aligned with both Assad and Putin as our efforts against ISIS help keep Assad who is Putin’s puppet in power.

we supply the Kurd who are directly fighting Assad.

Who exactly is “we”? When did Canada get involved?

Canada has provided both Military and Military aid in Syria.

Congrats… .

Yes. We should get out.

Should inform the family of the fallen canadian service memeber of scarcam? Im sure they have a good laugh

I think they’ll find your faux outrage and spelling the greater threat to peace in our time.

Obama’s secret war…Timber Sycamore

"President Barack Obama secretly authorized the CIA to begin arming Syria’s embattled rebels in 2013.[3] However, the CIA had been facilitating the flow of arms from Libya to Syria “for more than a year” beforehand in collaboration with “the UK (United Kingdom), Saudi Arabia and Qatar.”[4]

The program’s existence was suspected after the U.S. Federal Business Opportunities website publicly solicited contract bids to ship tons of weaponry from Eastern Europe to Taşucu, Turkey and Aqaba, Jordan.[5] One unintended consequence of the program has been to flood the Middle East’s black market with weapons including assault rifles, mortars and rocket-propelled grenades. The U.S. delivered weapons via Ramstein - supposedly in breach of German laws.[6"

The kind of stuff that once drove lefty crazy, but now they love…

SDF/YPG aren’t fighting Assad. There’s the occasional little flareup(Hasakah or close to Deir ez Zor) but they aren’t fighting Assad. In Afrin they were working directly with Assad.

This why I say i have no idea what the left stands for these days… They didn’t and don’t care.

tell Assad that we don’t want to see revenge killings but that he can have it. Those who inspired and instigated Arab Spring there have blood on their hands.

Leave when the job is done. Not a day before.