Should Americans go back to work

Some, not all.

Now you’re projecting.

:rofl: until you genios break it.

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What are you doing?

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Now this is anecdotal because I don’t know every company in America.

The ones I do know about all have business continuity plans so critical infrastructure is maintained.

And there’s the issue; it’s all critical. See: I, Pencil

With a lot of maintenance, you pay a heavy toll down the road for deferring it. I know you understand that concept.

Weak signals get ignored when you’re solely focused on critical infrastructure.

I know.

I know you do. It’s happening now. Maintenance is being deferred and they are hoping…

It already is a catastrophe. How can you say otherwise? Weve entered a recession. Unemployment has skyrocketed. People are sitting home. Hospitals are full, global economy is devastated. Where is the silver lining you speak of

In March.

I should say preventative maintenance.

I loathe this phrase…

Stop doing it then.

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It is a concern.

I speak from experience.

Trump is dead set on opening up for business in some areas while a lot of areas of the nation are blazing hot.

I hope they have a good “dance routine” set up or in the works…because this is a gigantic risk.

Because if the virus flares up in areas he opens up…that sets up the economy for a worse fall.

And there will be flareups- Asian countries have their hotspots under better “control” than we do…and they have to dance right now- evidence this virus is not going away.

And personally I don’t see where opening up in what look like cold spots right now in any ways confers enough economic benefit to be worth that risk.

Here’s hoping they are making those decisions based on that framework.

And I hope Oxford starts those serology experiments right away so we can get a handle as to how many people the virus has actually infected.

How do you know if someone, on the Internet, is doing it? You have to make assumptions about someone’s beliefs and character To think they are “signaling” “virtue”.

If I say we should save starving kids in Africa… and I actually save starving kids in Africa… I am not “virtue” signaling.

If I said “people should love their kids” am I virtue signaling? If so, why?

Risk is a perception.

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Risk can be quantified to some degree.


How do you know everybody else isn’t doing it too?

And rationalized to a greater degree. This is about moral, not math.