Should Americans go back to work

Trump seems to be headed in that direction. Do you agree or disagree with him. Is the economy more important then the health of a nation or the health of its hospitals,? I’m outta work for at least a couple weeks myself but am in the opinion that the whole country should shut down for a month then reaccess. Stop all mortgage payments, car payments etc. It will only get bigger and drag out.
All other countries are pleading with us and others to not follow their lead and contain it before it gets worse. I think it’s stupid places like florida are refusing while others are locking down. Wont do any good if we dont find a unified course of action. Just my two cents

Neither. I can’t agree or disagree. Because I don’t know what the conditions will be like when Americans go back to work. I can’t predict the future.

Good explanation

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I just read that in Denver people are not going to be allowed to leave their homes for 2 weeks, with $999 fines for anyone caught.

How are they supposed to eat?

What’s wrong with just doing the social distancing thing?

I agree that precautions have to be taken but not allowing people to leave their homes - even just to take a drive in their own car - that’s getting in Ray Bradbury’s The Pedestrian territory.

Trump doesn’t control wither people go back to work or not. That will be up to the Governor’s and local governments. And I will bet it will frustrate the hell out of him.

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It is a good explanation and I understand the curve thing but what happens when one states curve is going down and let’s say almost stops the spread and someone from another starts thebcycle all over again

See my next post after that one. The one with the pencil video. :wink:


Yes, in a week or so. Depends on the success of treatment.

What treatment

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Depends if he declares a nation emergency or not. Federal powers trump state laws no pun intended

Are you under the impression he can force you to go back to work?

No but can send the wrong message that it’s all good. Can undo the guidelines that they have issued. Basically throw it into reverse. I know my boss is trying his damndest to start up again because we have millions of $$$ of work on the books. I dont blame him but is that what’s best?

Best for whom?

Because people aren’t listening

Somebody should make 'em!

He still can’t remove a Governor’s order

Best for him yes. If we get sick theres more honestly. Only thing holding him back is the general contractors holding back right now. I was set to have a very good year this year. I’m not happy but I’ll take the hit to keep people safe and try to get it under control.

You’re right. It affects everybody. Just drags it all out.

Yeah - those folks should get a fine.

But people just driving out in their cars to get a bit of fresh air? With no desire to come into contact with anyone else?

Or out walking their dog and crossing the street when they see someone else coming? That happened to me yesterday!

You didn’t answer my question. Allow me to rephrase, for whom is it not best?