Should Americans go back to work

Everyone, I know you’re not much of a better for society guy.

Was he/she/zi a person of color?

Everyone? Didn’t you already exclude your boss?

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In the long run even him but thanks for playing

Oh you added to it! Well done.

Do you know that about me? How? Could it it be that I simply don’t believe your society is better? Or that your “progress” could make it so?

Do we not agree that the sooner we go back to work, the better we will all be?

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With respect. We have no clue where and when this pic was taken. It kinda looks like Greece? maybe 2016ish?

Why? How?

Obviously we dont agree

WHAT? You won’t be better off working that shuttered in your abode? How can that be Kev?

What date has been proposed for return to work? Without that, we cannot argue whether or not it’s too soon.

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people forget we are just trying to slow the virus spread. not prevent

we should go back to work, maybe gradually at first,

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If you knew Cheyenne you wouldn’t ask that.

Well, yes, Sneaky, you probably would. You love to ask questions instead of having substantive conversations.

But since you want to hearken to a different thread…I wonder…

If there were people of color in Cheyenne…and I was one…would I have been offended if, during the coronavirus outbreak where we’re told to keep 6 feet from one another, someone walked all the way across the street to avoid walking past me. (Cuz he still kept walking in the same direction, toward me).

No. I would figure either it was a coronavirus issue or the dog gets too frisky around other people.


Sure I do. It’s Main Beach 20-30 feet south of the lifeguard tower in Laguna Beach and taken last weekend



I assume the politically correct word for people who don’t want to be “binomial.”

Have you taking any precautions in the last month

I didn’t know your are a transplant. Good for you.

So the Rules have changed because we’re scared? Good to know.

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Of course.

Ramp up and ramp down.

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What’s slowly

Of my own free will? No. I have taken advantage of some things to strengthen my culture in preparation for a new normal.

Making the best of a media-driven panic as it were.