Should Americans go back to work

No one can match the media for lying. I might add that Obama was a magnificent liar as well.

Fortunately that ordeal is over. :grinning:

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No…they’re not. Damn dude! In your strange world, but in the real world this is not the case. Your lord and savior DJT is a lying propagandists. Now run tell dat!

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Just stop it. You don’t have to embarrass yourself so.

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You already have way too many times.

know better do better, but I know you won’t.


Trump lies more than all of the media and does it on the daily.

Trump is doing a fine job which is the real reason the left is so pissed off.


Nobody lies like the media. Try again.

Just claiming a lie is lazy.

Give it substance.

Try to keep it together when his Easter goal is met.

Obviously you do care about partisan ideology based on your posts.

Trump was in front of this thing early with his flight bans from China and the media ripped him over it. So did a number of posters in here.

Now the story is he didn’t act soon enough. :roll_eyes: The left cannot have it both ways though they strain mightily to do so.

He could have just ignored it for nearly 6 months like Obama did the swine flu i suppose. :thinking:

If the goal is met the left will no doubt be angry. Sad situation that.


I care about people, I don’t give a crap about political ideology because all it does is divide and lead people to stop thinking for themselves. Secondly, just because I’m anti-Trump don’t make me some leftist, it makes me a concerned American who actually care about this country and the people within, especially in my community.

Finally, you can post Trump administration talking points until your fingers get tired. No one cares about that crap but you and your ilk. Think for yourself.

Know better, do better.

I have no doubt much of the country will see relaxed restrictions.

Construction being the biggest.

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We all care about people.

We are in this together.

Nobody is better.

Trump does everyday. Try again.

You stick with party rhetoric and i will stick with facts.

Have a blessed day. :+1:

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I don’t doubt it either.

This will not be the catastrophe the media is hoping for imo. Pitiful profession these days.

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Incoming message…

And maintenance. Machines will run for a while without it, but they will eventually fail.

Maintenance workers are going to work.

Anything that can be done with less than 25 Stooges.

Wasteful meetings and conferences can stay gone.