Should 11-year-old girls have to bear their rapists' babies? Ohio says yes

What the entire hell is going on in our country. I constant hear about sharia law but then the bible bangers pulls this out. We have to do better

As much I’m against abortion she shouldn’t be force to carry it…no rape victim should.

Now I want to know how much time that rapist got…which the article didn’t mention or discuss.

Which tells me they have political agenda of their own.


Wow, so it took just one month for the hypothetical, far-fetched situation to happen.


exactly what political agenda would that be?


The article didn’t discuss the rapist because that was not the focus of the article.

Ok, anything stopping her from crossing over to another state? I just glanced over the article and didn’t find anything.

What a proud moment for Ohio, eh?

Why are they protecting that rapist?

Well, you see, if you are a good writer, you focus on a subject for an article. Writing additional information about the rapist in this article would not be pertinent for the reader.

It’s not about protection; it’s about proper writing technique.


depending on the state law arrest record could be private till conviction.

A question for you: why must the article include the information on him? Why does not focusing on him make it political?


As the right to privacy slowly gets wiped away.

Because he is root cause of this…and thus should be hold full responsibility…not the 11 year old girl.

Does that seem logical to you?


But why include it in an article about her and Ohio state law?

Why is that writer protecting him? He’s as much of story as that little girl is. He was the cause of her pregnancy.

Nope. This is Christian Sharia Law, the future of this nation. Handmaid’s Tale

It is your failure/intolerance to understand the passion behind that “some” have in protecting life.

Yes and that passion is going to force an 11 year old girl give birth to her rapist child.