Shepard Smith just quit Fox News

Don’t worry, we will try to fast-track this so you can get to the “I never really supported him” phase ASAP. I know it is rough right now.


So if fired…why?

Didn’t he just sign a big contract extension and get a fancy new news set in the last year or two?

Are Trump’s fingerprints on this? It’s like bad friggin’ pulp fiction novel.

That’s the mystery… but there have been a lot of stories about the in fighting between prime time hosts. Maybe Shep was a casualty of that?

I doubt it… Trumpism likely influenced the decision but Trump himself did not have a direct say in letting him go.

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Thanks. I never cared one way or another about Shep. But, it’s good to know that you believe you have the influence you think you have. :laughing:

Of course they are! Impeach now! :crazy_face:

So why the visit from Barr to Murdoch. Meh.

Now Megan Kelly is saying escorts from the buidling are routine.

Not necessarily. I know people who were laid off who were escorted out by security. You could argue, I suppose, whether that’s being fired or not but, according to what we know at the moment, he left on his own. It just might be Fox policy to escort those leaving out for whatever reason.

No, layoffs are escorted out, too.

You guys having fun with the conspiracy theories? :slight_smile:

True both of which are situations were retaliation is a possibility. Which is why escorts are necessary.

He was to much of a Commie boot licker!

Not at all, Shep was a Commie boot licker for pushing that Russian collusion hoax!

We are past the Mueller hoax!:rofl:

You’re late to the game! It’s now Ukraine collusion!

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Fixer-General Barr putting his stamp on the press.

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“Recently I asked the company to allow me to leave Fox News and begin a new chapter. After requesting that I stay, they graciously obliged,” Smith said in a statement."

Obviously he is lying. This happened just two days after Barr and Murdoch met. Proof enough in conspiracy world.

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Any honest journalist has every reason in the world not to want their name associated with Fox News.

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I’ve been saying for awhile now that Fox News is moving too far left. Shepard Smith leaving the network is a good first step towards removing that leftist bias.

And now Fox News can move entirely into entertainment television instead of the news.

Red letter day for me! :laughing::+1: He will fit right in at CNN or MSDNC.