Shepard Smith just quit Fox News

Effective immediately.

Thoughts ?

He’d been with FNC since its inception in 1996

This is what we call “principles.” They used to be a big deal from 2009-2016, but they’ve since become a bit less important to some folks. Looks like Shep still has some intact.


I hope he writes a book.

Fired?? I read today that Atty. Gen. Barr just met with Rupert Murdoch privately in his home, now all of a sudden one of Fox’s harshest critics of this administration abruptly quits? Interesting.


Glad to see this. It’ll put a blight on those who keep flailing that Fox is “fair and balanced.” The sudden and quick headline of this leaves a lot of questions.

Bye bye…


I can only assume this will just push a Fox deeper into opinion “news”. So much of their airtime is already devoted to it, I guess they just don’t care anymore.


A complete opinion news channel is not good for their brand.

Anyone still remember his Jennifer Lopez flub in 2002 ? I can’t really link to it here but it’s pretty hilarious

One of the few voices that make Fox anything resembling a news source leaves. Will the network take this as a sign they have become little more than Trump propagandists? Probably not.


I don’t know if people know the difference anymore.


I don’t believe he quit.

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I’m interested in finding out whether he was fired, or quit in disgust.

I’m going with the latter. He seemed at peace with it from the sendoff I watched.

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They don’t. It’s very clear from a lot of stuff we see in social media. They really don’t.

So…what’s Megan Kelly doing these days?

Living off her NBC contract.

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If he quit because something else is of interest to him then I wish him well.

If there is something else going on, the days to come will reveal it. We can create a thread, debate about it and then forget it mattered a week later.

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