Shepard Smith just quit Fox News

It must be awfully disheartening to spend decades honing a reputation as being a reasonably honest purveyor of facts only to be constantly drowned out by whatever you want to call the Fox News primetime lineup. Hopefully Smith will be a little more proud to work for his next stop.

I DO think it’s possible that he chose to quit after being pressured somehow…say, being asked to apologize on air for the “very bad” things he’s said about Trump?

I can see that scenario playing out in my devious mind.


Escorted out by security staff. Nothing but class from these degenerates.

Probably encouraged to do so in an effort to bow to Donald’s will that Fox become more “fair and balanced.”

Him being escorted out suggests he was fired.


Good point. If he was resigning instead of being fired, he would have a couple of weeks of farewell clips farewell parties.

Smith spent decades at a network knowing its agenda. I would assume it simply became unbearable for Smith when Trumpism rose to power.

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“Sources directly familiar to me” has about as much credibility as the “whistleblower”.

When I hear it straight from Shep I’ll take notice. Until then, forgive me if “sources” no longer is a credible source.

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I wouldn’t be so certain. It’s exactly what some want. They like being told what to think and let themselves get whipped into a frenzy.

I just read that he was escorted out. This was abrupt; not a friendly parting.

It appears to me that the whistleblower(s) are having a negative effect on some trump supporters. don’t let your heart be troubled, there will be more coming down the pike.


It suggests Fox is run by asshats.

I mean, escorting out Shep as if he were going to postal or refuse to leave.

The only time I ever have employees escorted out is when they’ve been fired. Otherwise you give them time to say goodbye, even if they are giving the typical 2 weeks.

Just a couple of more firings and it will truly be the state run media.
Not one mention on Fox News website.

Fox News has a lot of staff. I’m not sure why it’s hard to believe some of them would be shocked and others viewed him being escorted out. Why is that something even necessary to further confirm. If people weren’t shocked and he wasn’t escorted out, does that drastically change things?

Hey, Barr met with Murdoch. Maybe it’ll be “Bill Barr Reporting,” or “Studio Barr.”

That does cast a different light on things.

How bizarre.

Quite the opposite.

My heart is not troubled. I can see what is coming down the pike. :laughing:

An angry resignation would probably have the same effect.

He was fired. I bet he had a contract and a NDA that prevents him from saying anything negative about Fox. However because Fox ha an HR policy, I’m sure that policy states that employees let go for cause must be escort out by security. Which may explain why his statement was so nice even tho he was escorted by security.

The other possibility is that he requested security due to safety reasons, but that seems unlikely.