Seriously, There's a Couple of Things Bothering Me About the Direction

I’m not going to put this on Jbiden Inc just yet, what’s the spike in violent crime perpetuated by members of the criminal nation?

  1. Is there truly a spike or is it media noise?

  2. Is is because criminals are not being jailed because of COVID (or some other reason)?

  3. Is it more vicious and bold than previously? Seems so.

Seems like thugs were told something was going to happen (or not happen) that stirred them up. Has them believing they can get away with this stuff.

Reading back through this thread, I love how it became all about me.

He was going off message. Lol


Yes, that’s the problem. You have clearly identified it.

Whose message?

His message. Handlers don’t want him going off message of what he wants to convey.

Trump needed that in the previous admin.

Which left us with trumpslaining a lot of the time.

If his handlers kept him on message it would have been much more effective communication.


Uh oh


He Talks Like Us!

“Things Bothering ME

just sayin’

Fair point