Seriously, There's a Couple of Things Bothering Me About the Direction

All joking aside, there are a couple of things bothering me about the government. I feel like we need to be concerned.

  1. Biden’s repeated references to “getting in trouble” for taking questions, calling on the wrong person, etc. What that implies to me is that some unelected bureaucrat(s) are actually making the decisions. That would be a very dangerous situation.

I don’t care for him at all, but he was elected. If he’s not making the decisions, we have a major problem. At times he sounds like a hostage. At first I thought he was joking, but he keeps doing it.

  1. These “retired this or that” banding together like a guild/cabal to demand things and the credence being paid to them by this ■■■■ media we have.

“147 retired Generals demand firings”, “60 former Attorney Generals demand…” “Club of former intelligence officers say…”

Bureaucrats. No different than “the scholars beseeching the king” in Confucius’ days.

These cabals should have no power. As individuals, they have the same right to seek redress just like the rest of us.

But these groups are dangerous. I’ve seen this before and it’s ugly.


I think he means a “gotcha” or something being purposely taken out of context, or simply being misunderstood. He is well known for gaffes is he not?

And obviously all Presidents have had handlers…

I agree with this. He is well known for gaffes when he goes off script. I think that is what he means by “getting in trouble.”

I completely agree that all of those letters are worthless nonsense.

But its just as true that as individuals, they also have the right to assemble in their seeking of redress.

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Sure, sure, but that’s not what they’re really doing and we both know that.

I am worried that those letters will mean something, if they don’t already.

I don’t think so.


Once I would ignore. Twice… it’s constant.

And he’s not taking questions. That takes the joke out of it.


I think you are reading between the lines. It is just his version of “circle back.”

He doesn’t “circle back”.


It doesn’t matter what they’re really doing - even though I can’t say for certain who you’re referring to.

Well, that’s the thing. We don’t get a say in what other people care about, or find meaning in.

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It might help to understand his meaning to examine the context of the remarks.

For example - what did he say immediately beforehand? Was it a “gaffe”? Was it something that could be taken in bad faith and posted on message board threads all around the world?

Ah but it does. I’m not suggesting arresting them.

It’s concerning to me, that’s all.

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I have.

Did he visit the Tree of Life Synagogue like he claimed?

Are you suggesting anything?

Looks around.

Everything is concerning.

Ok. I haven’t, and you haven’t shared.

I’m suggesting it’s is a dangerous path.

No, most of it’s silly.

You’re a grown man and an attorney, stop giving yourself stage directions and act like it.

You expect me to quote him?

Act like you haven’t heard it.

Again. Look around you. Every path is dangerous.

Everyone can take a thought fragment and extrapolate it to a nightmare scenario.

I find your worries - at least as you’ve described them in this thread - silly.

Just like everything else, it’s all a matter of perceptive.

I haven’t. I don’t watch TV news, or videos of it.

I doubt I’ve seen more than 2-3 minutes of Biden as President speaking, total.

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