Senator Fetterman News Notes Overcoming Stroke

Big help for Big John as he gets up the gumption to take your guns after holding a jogger at bay with his.

According to information shared exclusively with TIME, the Sergeant at Arms (SAA) has installed a permanent live caption display monitor at Fetterman’s desk in the Senate chamber that can be raised or lowered depending on whether he’s sitting or standing. There’s a similar monitor with a custom desk stand that can be placed on the dais when he takes shifts presiding over the Senate. Both wired screens will work without internet if needed, relying on the Senate Office of Captioning Services’ stenotype machines, caption encoding hardware, and staff in the Capitol itself. The SAA has further plans to improve the set-up at Fetterman’s desk with a monitor stand that blends better with the desk’s antique woodwork and can be electronically adjusted.

The SAA has also come up with a plan for Fetterman’s work during committee hearings and elsewhere around the Capitol. In those cases, Fetterman can read a live transcript of the proceedings that appears on his wireless tablet. All of the captions will be produced by professional broadcast captioners rather than artificial intelligence in order to improve accuracy. The work builds on a request from last Congress, when Senate leadership asked the SAA to move toward providing closed captioning for all Senate hearings. SAA plans to upgrade its capabilities to do so, starting with the committees Fetterman serves on. He will participate in his first committee hearings on Feb. 1

I am sure this is just a busy oversite…

Fetterman’s office did not make the Senator available for an interview for this story. Since the election, Fetterman has not talked much to reporters in impromptu settings around the Capitol, and he did not respond to a question from TIME on his way to the floor this week.

Did you expect anything more?

They will keep him out of the public eye so you will never know the extent of his disability.

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If only Brandon’s handlers were that savvy…


That is the entire point of this thread.

Fetterman can run, but I won’t let him hide.

He has no business taking a Senate seat.


Like herding cats.

Dark Brandon never sleeps.

Only a month into his term and a…hopefully …minor setback.

Who could have seen this coming? Everyone that was not blinded with progressive fever.

Let’s send the Senator a prayer that Gisele comes to her senses and has him resign to focus on wellness.


I hope it’s only a minor setback as well. However, plenty of Fetterman voters were not blinded by progressive fear. They were just voting to keep a Trump puppet from becoming a PA Senator. As well as betting that if Fetterman ultimately needed to be replaced that he would be replaced by Josh Shapiro.

Fever. Not fear or Connor Lamb would have fared better.

Fetterman is as much a fraud as Santos without the past criminal charges.

Fetterman is getting really tough to prop up. Everyone would be better off with Fetterman resigning and Shapiro naming Lamb in his place.

I agree with that. I wanted Lamb in the first place.


I am not happy about the Dems getting this seat. It is really pathetic to see Fetterman struggle so much.

Lamb is more moderate and I can live with this as fallout for the horrible result that saddled the Reps with OZ. Trump ■■■■■■ that one up.

NOW add in the fact that Bob Casey has prostate cancer and it becomes even more urgent for PA to have at least ONE physically well Senator.

The man is sick and should not be doing stressful work unless desired goal is to off him. He needs rest, exercise, low stress that’s what they prescribed my grandma, if not……


How can someone be as much a fraud as someone with criminal charges?

Republicans had their chance and they blew it. As we were once told elections have consequences.

But at least you can admit Trump ■■■■■■ over the Republicans on that one.

I still find it hard to believe Republicans couldn’t beat this guy.

shouldnt be too much longer till Gisele takes over

ballot harvesters dont get into who the candidate is.

I’m not sure on that race I know Walker was a terrible choice in Georgia I didn’t get that feeling from Oz that he was brain dead like his opponent. But that’s how they voted hope the man gets better, though I am not sure that’s the best place for him right now.

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Its never ever the fault of Republicans is it? Its always some cheating or underhand tactics that is the result of a Republican losing.

Just be honest and admit Oz was a terrible candidate and Trump was wrong to get him into the race.

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Everyone. On both sides of the aisle. Should be willing to say that.


Yes, Republicans never lose, they are only cheated. Why don’t Republicans harvest ballots? Too ethical?

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Ballot harvesting equals getting people to vote.