Senator Fetterman News Notes Overcoming Stroke

Is that Pennsylvania farmhouse in the township whose name he got wrong in his election filing?


Not sure, never heard that one. Got some information you can share with the forum.
Sounds juicy.


Just as an FYI as someone who lives near that area, no one who lives in Huntington Valley would get the name wrong.

But referencing an office park as the home address is the worse offense.

Seriously man…there is no one left that ever truly thought Oz actually moved to Pennsylvania.

Even the house he “bought” contained a proviso that the original owner had right of first refusal of Oz ever sold it…something almost no residential real estate contract contains.

He was a carpetbagger…everyone admits it.

And of course, as a carpetbagger he screwed over the GOP’s chances to win the Senate.

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Carpetbagger. Haven’t heard that term used since Hillary and NY.


Trump backed the wrong one and it cost the reps the Senate.

It was only close due to the medical misfortune of Fetterman.

No dancing around this.




Festerman might not even be the intended office holder!
Freudian slip by Ol Folksy Joe?


No doubt she is working the puppet.

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Honestly I prefer her to Fetterman, and I like Fetterman. She is a pretty amazing person. She usually only shops for her clothing at thrift stores because it’s a waste to buy new clothes. The dress she wore for his swearing in was from one. She ships sunflower seeds to everyone who requests them because she loves gardening, thousands get them from her every year. She opened a chain of stores all over Pennsylvania called “Free Stores” where folks can donate diapers, formula, etc. and those who cannot afford it can just go there and shop, for free. All on the honor system and it works fantastic. She is a loyal wife and devoted Mom. Salt of the earth person if you ask me, someone even a Conservative should approve of.

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That sounds an awful lot like “Marxism”!

That ad was so bizarre, like here’s me in a grocery store doing grocery shopping, I won’t get a shopping cart like someone who has actually done this before, ohhh let me get this asparagus all by itself and label it crudité, this will make me relatable. Makes Bush’s grocery checkout scanner or Trumps $10 banana seem relatable by comparison.

Come on JayJay, Oz lost.

You need to get with the times.


Coming after our guns right out of the gate.

Freshman U.S. Sen. John Fetterman is co-sponsoring several bills, including one to ban assault weapons, and received his committee assignments, which includes a seat on the powerful Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry Committee.

Read more at:

Using all that experience as mayor of Homestead to help the AG committee…LOL.

Those mail in ballots are magical.

Fresh Fetterman video from 4 days ago. The auditory processing rehab is going splendidly.

She’s scary looking herself.

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Dangerous collectivist activist.

I won’t say she hates America…just not a big fan of freedom or the Constitution.

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Then she is scary/ugly inside and out.

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Its interesting how she stalked Fetterman while he was mayor of Homestead and became his wife.

THEN his political career took off.

Without her…IMO…Fetterman is still mayor of Homestead.

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