Senator Fetterman News Notes Overcoming Stroke

Carefully worded like the dear Fetterman hire.

Adam Jentleson – who previously worked in top roles for former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., and for multiple liberal organizations – penned an op-ed for the New York Times in September 2020, days after Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death, arguing that while Democrats did not have the power to block a nomination by then-President Donald Trump, they could take certain measures to delay and delegitimize it.

"There are steps Democrats can take to apply maximum pressure, brand the process as the illegitimate farce it is and lay the groundwork for desperately needed reform that can reverse the damage early in 2021 if Democrats win in November," he wrote.

Those steps, Jentleson argued, included boycotting the confirmation hearings and “systematically denying” unanimous consent agreements, which would bring the business of the Senate to a halt.

Fetterman knows how to spot a team player and careful word crafter.

Keep this thread close. It will be fun.

As fun as fending off communists can be anyway.

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To be clear, you are confirming that you did what I accused you of doing: implying something inaccurate, but leaving a weasel worded backbdoor for you to squirm out of.

So, points for honesty.


He’ll be shopping at Wegners for Crudite plates.


Stick around and find out.

Fetterman won’t disappoint.

Brought the heat with that fastball.


He’s an Insurrectionist?

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Insurrectionist of the worst kind.

Will be helping Fetterman wipe his chin.

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so, is he back in his wrong mind yet?

Nobody can tell. He is busy filming right now. Celebrity.

So much for being a moderate. I knew he never was and never would be.


One of my motivations with this thread was to show just how destructive he will be to the energy industry in PA as he stumbles through his gifted term.

Pennsylvania is being represented in the US Senate by a buffon ( and his wife) in a clown suit. I doubt seriously Dr. Mehmet Oz gives a ■■■■ and is doing as he pleases this weekend.


In his New Jersey mansion.



Perhaps, maybe in the 7,000 sq ft farmhouse in PA?
But if it were me this time of year I’d be at the cattle ranch he owns in Florida. How about you?
Doc Oz owns a couple of homes in Turkey too. Not bad this time of year there
Decisions, decisions




Not fair…still funny.

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That’s not a pacemaker.

The day is upon us. Senator Fetterman is sworn in and the sad memory of pat Toomey falls into the distance of time.

On the plus side Senator Fetterman looked well dressed for the part and had the full support of his charming family.

On the negative side…the Chicks here can explain…

I think the chicks were a bit tough on old Fetterman.

He did have that Biden patented vacant look in every video that I saw…so…Go get 'em Senator!!


Fetterman doesn’t need to communicate with his 12 million PA state resident constituents either.

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“Chicks on the Right”. Spewing the same crap we read here everyday from the right, but interestingly, not written as well as some of our better posters.