Senator Fetterman News Notes Overcoming Stroke

Your simplistic view of this is misguided. The R’s put up a carpet-bagging candidate who was unlikely to appeal to the electorate in PA beyond the red hat wearing crowd. PA is not NY where there is a tradition of carpetbaggers (Bobby Kennedy, HRC). Oz’s candidacy was doomed to failure, and that is why Fetterman was elected.

Yeah…I can see the great leap towards “better” choice people made.
ANY upright creature would be better than the looser wearing shorts and hoodie stumbling under the weight of PSY drugs and boose and Pot.
The fact that HE KNEW he was ill and cheated the voters into a vote was what bugs ME.
Such an open SCAM is what stinks here.

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I agree. Oz was a horrible candidate and Trump supported him.

And dems ran that guy…

The Penn voters were done dirty by both parties.


Despite Trump’s endorsement of Oz, most conservatives preferred McCormick, and even more so, Kathy Barnette.

But yes. The overall voting population went for Fetterman because Oz was Oz.

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Quite true.

McCormick was my 2nd Amendment preferred option.

Barnette was a bit inexperienced.

Big John really should be hiding those turkey legs.



… but superbly conservative. If I were in PA, she would have been my preference.

And that’s part of the problem. Conservatives split between the two. McCormick lost by less than 1000 votes. Less than 1%. I know a party can’t tell a candidate not to run, but I would like to see good leadership work with candidates to prevent so much vote splitting. (“Let’s just have this-one run now, and we’ll promote you in that-other-race next year…”)

So much wasted campaign spending happens with these vote-splitting races, and in the end, we often get damaged goods prevailing in the race.

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You know what? I don’t fault him for commuting in comfortable clothing, or walking from his limo to the building in sweats… But damn, he needs a handler to dress him for these official events.

Some concerned colleagues should be helping him out with this, at a minimum.

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I am sure they would if he could actually communicate.

He sure can’t tie a necktie.

Why didn’t they chose the one that’s one of lesser evils?
Noble decision should be to pick ANY lo-life rather than one who is openly scamming me.
Featherman had no plans to ever serve the people all he wanted was free supper care he needed.

What a disgusting picture !
I think he came dressed like that on purpose just to send the voters in PA a message and a finger.
PA, look down on your chest. Do you see …written all over it?

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Anyone know who Luke Borwegan is?

He is a special assistant to Big John Fetterman and the person responsible for his auditory processing equipment and media relations, and perhaps even for cleaning his guns.

Previously assisted Del Shetty??

He doesn’t think much of reporters or guns.

Luke should have had the hot chick dinner talking politics hidden camera talk during his orientation to the Fetterman staff.


He was telling EVERYTHING!!

LOL. :rofl:

She must be VERY attractive.

She is rather attractive IMO.



Did Crazy Luke Borwegan write this?

Maybe it was the old Harry Reed puppeteer…

Adam Jentleson.

If a Republican is President and Republicans take the Senate, watch NPR talk about the Senate filibuster as the hallowed basis of American democracy.


You bet. The old treadmill mangler likely put Jentleson up to the subject matter so he could ease his guilt of ruining the practice. Cause you know a couple racists used it.

Adam could also have just been scoring brownie points too.

The tale away for me is that when you look at Big John you should also see a little of the underhanded weasel known as Harry Reid.

He IS a bum.

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High time to decorpse the Gov.

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