Senator Fetterman News Notes Overcoming Stroke



We have an upbeat update from yesterday. It appears that Senator Fetterman is improving as doctors adjust his medications and work through his mental issues with counseling.

One positive step…

Doctors caring for him have said Mr. Fetterman should limit his exposure to cable television, the internet and social media — a major information detox for someone whose obsession, and occupation, is politics.

Mr. Fetterman, 53, rushed back to the campaign trail last year after suffering a life-threatening stroke days before the Democratic primary, a decision that those close to him believe may have taken a long-term toll on his recovery. This time, he is set on taking his time in treatment, with the hope of returning to work within the next few weeks.

Senator Fetterman doesn’t need to see those mean tweets and memes that suggest he cannot serve as a Senator as he…does not serve as a Senator.

Then there is the uplifting update on his family support. His lovely and supportive wife Gisele visits AT LEAST once a week from their Braddock home. I suppose that is about as much as he can take right now.

Mr. Fetterman often spends his afternoons and evenings with visiting family members — his parents and his brothers often come to the hospital and stay until dinner time. At least once a week, his wife Gisele visits from Braddock, Pa. There are no limits on how long his visitors can stay, or when they are allowed in. His small circle has been mostly limited to two staff aides and his family.

Have no concerns dear PA residents your Senator will be back voting and advocating for us in a few more weeks.

He’s in the nut house.


That is another way to put it.


I can’t believe that his wife only drops by once a week and doesn’t even stay there while he is in the hospital.



All of this and PA Republicans still don’t learn. Doug Mastriano is currently leading in polls to see who will challenge Casey.

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That made me cringe. Mastriano has no chance…None. Hard line on abortion…that Trump told him was politically dumb…Not a chance.

Sometimes you need to do the right thing even if it costs.

We see how that went with the Governor race. Absolutes are not necessarily the “right” thing.

I understand and support that stance…It just is political poison in PA>

They prefer people that can’t even think in PA.

I prefer my memes curated from the 1970’s.


With mental health issues, it is not unusual to limit inpatients contact with family members. It really depends on the actual diagnosis and the root cause of the issues as well as what form of treatmen is taking place. And yes I am talking from personal experience here.

That makes sense and I do think his wife is part of the equation here.

As an aside we watched the Netflix movie Smile last night and it was pretty good.

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Well, leftists tend to be mental these days … think men can be women and things like that.


Perhaps a deal. Republicans redo the Santos election and Democrats redo the Fetterman election now that all the facts are out there.

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It’s like when Biden says goofy things and we are told he stutters.


No thanks. Santos is fine where he is, and in any event, won’t be re-elected if he isn’t somehow forced to leave beforehand.

Not much news over the weekend except maybe the rep Turtle being especially silent.

Need to know and the voters don’t really need to know.

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Heard Big John had a facelift. Sounds like a silly rumor.


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