Seems like Golden Boy Romeny

Isn’t a shoe in for Utah senate seat.

Doing some testing here to post link.

Sense of entitlement might be coming to end finally.

Yes it worked, and it was easy.

I noticed that on the news and found it very interesting/amusing. :grinning:

The results of the convention only reflect the skill of each candidate at stacking the convention with their preferred delegates.

It will have zero correlation to the results of the primary on June 26.


About a month ago I heard that a preliminary poll had Romney at pretty high approval. It will be interesting to see a new one based on this primary. Personally I don’t think Romney will have a problem winning the seat.

I think Romney will win the primary easily.

Another point I will make on the general subject.

Romney successfully collected enough signatures to get on the ballot, even it his opponent had gotten to the 60% level at the convention. That angered convention delegates who booed Romney for doing that and many voted against Romney on that basis.

But the fact that Romney very easily collected the necessary signatures indicates he starts with a large public approval edge.

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How funny is it that a ton of people here voted for Romney and Trump?

Not this guy.

I voted for Romney. I never voted for Trump.

once again it seems like those who attempt or attempted to deny the presidency to Donald Trump bring ruin upon their own head.

Someday Trump’s annointed service to the great country of the USA will be over. Then, like Winston Churchill after ww2, he will just fall away, having served his purpose. Or to quote Hegel…

“If we go on to cast a look at the fate of world historical personalities… we shall find it to have been no happy one. They attained no calm enjoyment; their whole life was labor and trouble; their whole nature was nothing but their master passion. When their object is attained they fall off like empty hulls from the kernel.”

Hegel, Philosophy of History

But for now, he is untouchable. Thank God, who annointed Donald Trump to bring us back from the precipice of progressive liberal hell!

You do realize the Holy Anointed One cast his Holy Anointing power upon Romney.


Trump endorsed Romney for Utah Senate.

Doesn’t change my mind about Romney. He would be better than a dem but i would prefer him to lose the primary.

Trump has a big heart.
It doesn’t refute my post.

Utah is not as Conservative and Mormon as that state used to be, but I still believe that Romney will get elected as Senator there.

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Had Romney not gone the “dual” route to the primary, he probably would have won it outright in convention. Many of the delegates vote against anyone who chose to do the dual rout (cacus & signitures) to the primary. Romney was going to be in the primary regardless of the caucus. His opponent could have got 60% (60% threshold to eliminate all others from primary) and Romney would still be in the primary.

Bah humbung. Guess I should read all the thread before posting :smiley:

Oh please. That’s just garbage. Trump is a liar, serial adulterer, scammed people out of money (Trump University and allegedly didn’t pay everyone who did work for him) and a guy who regularly mocks people who disagree with him. Plus, he’s on the record as saying he doesn’t think he needs to ask for forgiveness.

I’d like Romney to be more conservative, especially now that he’s running in deep red Utah, but he’s at least a very decent man.

Of course he will, he’s well liked and Utah is not turning purple any time soon. Even his primary opponent should win the general. However, I hope it’s Romney because I heard his opponent is a big Trumpster.

it’s kind of funny that evangelicals are tying their wagon to Donald Trump. Donald Trump. i have a feeling that this is gonna be like the whole Bush thing (where people voted for him, praised him and now you it’s hard to find people who admit they voted for him).

and the fact that a lot of Trump voters voted for Romney is also so, so ironic.

i think you mean SOME evangelicals tied their wagon to Trump. I never did, and never will.

His behavior alone is a disqualifier. Now I’m not stupid enough to think he’s the first POTUS who has cheated with multiple women, but I prefer someone who, as far as we know, is a good family man. Either that or he genuinely repented of his bad ways. Neither of those apply to Trump.

I didn’t like Obama’s policies, but have always admitted he seemed very devoted to his family. Same with Bush 1 and 2. I’ve never doubted that.

he’s on record saying he asks for forgiveness as often as possible. Post your quote if you like. I’ll post mine, which says that you have been lied to.

“When we go into church — and when I drink my little wine, which is about the only wine I drink, and have my little cracker — I guess that is a form of asking for forgiveness. I do that as often as possible because I feel cleansed, OK?”

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