Secularists oppose wreath laying on soldiers' graves

Wreaths have been placed on soldiers’ graves for longer than some members here have been alive.

Now theophobes say the practice is an atrocity and a disgrace. And a violation of the separation of Church and State.


I’m a secular individual and believe in the separation of church and state, but this is just stupid.

Culturally speaking the United States is heavily influenced by Christian cultural norms.There is nothing wrong with people laying wreaths at the grave sites of soldiers.

Some people take their secularist beliefs way too far.


You misspelled “soldiers” in your thread title.

I fixed it for you.

These people need to get a life.


Those theophobes are the disgraces,


:+1: Appreciated.

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This group is free to have their stupid opinion.

In other news, Wreaths Across America is kind of a sketchy non-profit.

But the nonprofit and the company, Worcester Wreath Co., are run by the same family, and that arrangement is drawing more criticism as the two entities have become more successful.

Wreaths Across America paid $10.3 million – 70 percent of its revenue – last year to Worcester Wreath for about 1 million circles of balsam that adorn headstones, including a quarter million at Arlington National Cemetery. In five years the company has nearly tripled its business from the nonprofit.

Basically the non profit takes donations and then buys wreaths from their family owned wreath supplier. Not technically illegal but super sketchy.

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Stupid protest…And that Wreath deal is pretty sketchy.

Some secularists, certainly not all…

I for one, have no problems with the laying of wreaths.

Each to his own is my motto.


As a pretty secular guy myself… I have no problem with the wreaths.


Neither do I… seems like a non issue. But to be expected from the outrage generating cons.

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Who outraged?

Chinese man lays a bowl of rice at his loved one’s grave.

White man, while placing some flowers on a grave, says “That’s a stupid custom! When is your friend going to come out and eat that?!”

“At the same time yours comes out to smell his flowers!”

Fussing about burial customs in such a manner is one thing, but laying a wreath at a soldier’s grave is disrespectful to non Christian soldiers and their families? Seriously?!

That’s the dumbest argument I’ve heard yet. Lives are half off at Target all of December. Mr. Rothstein needs to take advantage and get one.

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can’t someone have a negative opinion without being “outraged”?

people protesting over dumbest of reason is nothing new in this world.

Their time is better spent somewhere else.

Wreaths originally celebrated the winter solstice and symbolized nature. They have a problem with nature? (And no, I didn’t know that till I,just looked it up)

Actually, in the article in the OP, the theophobes even point that out. But then they declare wreaths a Christian symbol. :man_shrugging:

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Just another group of losers with no lives of their own. :man_shrugging:


Could not agree with this more.