Secularists oppose wreath laying on soldiers' graves

These soldiers were Christians and the wreaths celebrate their chosen faith. Those that die, who aren’t Christians, make their wishes known and I hope they are honored too in the decades to come.

Yep this is as silly as those who think the push to say “Happy Holidays” is a war on Christmas.

People take offense way too easily.

I don’t know what I think, personally, about a large organization doing this (especially one that may have a sketchy relationship to the wreath supplier) but in general people need to stop assuming ill intent.

I’m sure if families are offended by a wreath laid at their loved ones’ graves, they can reach out to Wreaths Across America and ask for these graves to be excluded.

PS this group doesn’t look like theophobes…just busybodies. But that’s my take.

I never knew wreaths were a Christian symbol. I am agnostic, and have a beautiful wreath on my front door for the Xmas holiday, along with a very decorated front yard.

Timing…why now? This isn’t all that hard so…think…why now?

What timing? I just said I did not know wreaths were considered a Christian symbol.
Just as I do not consider a Xmas tree a Christian symbol.

I don’t care about some fringe group bitching about something stupid.

K…run along now little one. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

Little one? I am probably older than you and at 6’4", I am not that little.

The RW bitching about something stupid, does not really bother me. It is just.,…, stupid.

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Well tell that to your fellow lib theophobes who are opposing the wreaths. They spell it out plainly. See the link in the OP. See, this issue is not about what you want to declare to be Christian. It’s about what others do.

Damn…physically…you’re big. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

I am not a theothobe, so they are not my fellow anything.

I am not fond of extremists of any kind. I generally ignore them…except for the violent ones.

I’ve heard the internet adds 8 inches


Is the guy staging the protest, claiming the wreaths are disrespectful to non Christian soldiers, conservative?

Who is RW?

The protestor in the OP link has a Jewish sounding name.

Don’t many Jews vote liberal?

Having known my share of Jewish people, not even one opposed nature.

The lead agitator needs to get a life so he’s not making himself miserable over something as trite as a wreath.

RW = Right Winger

RW’ers are bitching about something an over sensitive secularist is whining about.

Both are stupid.

As a recovering Christian, currently an agnostic, I never associated Xmas wreaths with Christianity.

“RW’ers are bitching about something an over sensitive secularist is whining about.”

Sorry, still not seeing the problem. The secularist needs to get his head out of his arse and stop whining about a gesture that most likely was not meant to disrespect anyone.

A wreath? Really?