FOX Christmas Tree Arson

hate to tell ya then. lots and lots of christians view it as a christian symbol

your views are far apart from reality

please change

Hate to tell ya millions of Christians dont

Same thing as a wreath in another thread. You can accept it as a pagan nature symbol or as part of the Christian holiday that appropriated the symbols (and the holiday). Take your choice.


A wreath is Christian now? :joy:

while i’m sure that’s true, that doesn’t contradict anything i’ve posted.

Of course it does, you made a universal claim and you are wrong

haha. no i didnt.

stop this

I expect a full weasel out this

out of what, exactly? theres nothing to have to “weasel” out of

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Man reading this thread was quite fun.
Several posters here are DEFINITELY being played…thanks y’all, I needed a good laugh

I know I caught a time out for using that word.

Now is there anything more Christmassy than mixing flag waving with a Christmas tree? :roll_eyes:

You added “universal”.

That’s your strawman.

Tolerance buddy. Being played is their fun. :wink:


The claim is the tree is a Christian symbol that’s about as universal as it gets.

I have nothing against having a tree on Christmas, I have one up right now the kiddos can’t wait to tear into the presents under them.

Like the Easter bunny the tree is not a Christian symbol and the burning of the FOX studios tree is certainly not an affront to Christianity.

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Arson is a serious charge in NY. If it could have spread to other occupied buildings, the fire department will not lessen his charge. He’d probably get 1st degree arson. If not, probably 2nd degree.

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Yet activism changed Christmas parties to holiday parties because of the Christ symbolism.

Might want to mull that over some more.

It was delightful to see the tree back yesterday in full splendor. Quite a feat.

Now I see the reason to dissociate the religion.

Would have been better to hold the suspect and find out more on motivation.

Could have been anti American…FOX…religion…light aversion…cry for help. Now he is back out in the weeds.

Absolutely. Sending the wrong message. Just a matter of time until a political arson turns into a mass fatality event.